Bank Bonus Offers from PNC Bank and Investors Savings Bank

Here are a few bonuses in case you are looking for a new checking account with cash incentive.

PNC Bank is offering a $75 bonus for a new personal checking account (Free Checking, Performance Checking, or Performance Select Checking)  with direct deposit. In order to qualify for this bonus offer, you must open an account between April 26 and May 9 and make at least $500 direct deposit into the account before June 30, 2009. Once the the deposit is made, the bonus, according to PNC, will be credited within 7 days. I recently had some very unpleasant experience with PNC and their last promotion. So if you are considering taking advantage of this offer, make sure you keep the promotion page for your record in case later they ask you a proof of their OWN promotion. BTW, if you are already a PNC Bank or National City Bank customer, then you are excluded from this offer.

Investors Savings Bank is having a promotion that gives $100 bonus for a new checking account, such as a Free Checking, Preferred Checking, Edge Checking, or High-Yield Checking, for New Jersey residents. To qualify for the bonus, you also need to set up a direct deposit of paycheck or recurring payments from sources like pension or social security, with $300 or more. The $100 bonus won’t be paid all at once though. It will be paid in $25 increment at the end of each quarter. So it will take one year for you to receive the full bonus. And if you close your account within first 12 months, all bonuses paid will be forfeited, plus a $25 fine. While the website doesn’t mention is explicitly, it does say that you will need to go to a branch office to open the account, instead of online. Since the bank only operates in NJ, out of state savers may not be able to take advantage of this offer.

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