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EverBank Yield Pledge Checking Account Now Offers 1.05% Bonus Rate

I have been a customer of EverBank Money Market Account for a while now.  The reason for getting yet another savings account while already owning a few of them was that I considered it as one of the highest yield savings accounts out there. In an environment where banks have been slashing interest rates for years, […]

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ING Direct Black Friday Sale

For a third year in a row, ING Direct will host another Black Friday sale this Thanksgiving holiday. The event, between 12:01 AM ET Friday, November 25th and 11:59 PM ET Sunday, November 27th, will give new customers additional benefits for using some of their popular products, such as Money Account, Electric Orange Checking Account, […]

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What Makes A Good Checking Account

I feel like lately I’ve been inundated with checking account offers.  I get them in the mail.  I see them online.  They’re all over the business section of the newspaper.  With banks offering up to a couple hundred bucks to open a new checking account, I can see why these advertisements get the responses they […]

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ING Direct Kids Savings Account Review

ING Direct Kids Savings Account is a better way to teach children about money and saving. A few years ago, when I was quite active on Amazon Marketplace selling books and electronic devices, I opened a savings account at ING Direct for my daughter so that I can save the money from selling those stuff […]

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Big Banks Are Eliminating Free Checking Accounts

A while ago, we talked about how free checking may be ending as banks, big and small, adjust their business models after regulatory changes in recent years. The new laws, which essentially changed how banks issue credit cards and collect overdraft fees, are supposed to protect consumers from banks’ predatory practices, but it seems that the new […]

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Laddering CDs Can Add Liquidity And Return

One of the great drawbacks of this historically low interest rate environment we’re in is that it’s darn difficult to get anything close to a decent return on your cash nowadays. Sure, you can move it into riskier investments like bonds or even high yield bonds to try to juice your returns but a move […]

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Morrill and Janes Bank Checking Account 1.51% APY

Bank accounts with good rates and low minimum balance requirements are hard to find these days. In my early post on current savings account rates, I listed a bunch of popular high-yield savings accounts and their current rates, and as you can see, all of them are in the low 1% range. Nothing exciting if […]

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Best Savings Account Rates 2012

If you are looking for a better place to put your hard earned cash, you won’t be happy when you see the picture of current savings account interest rates. Since I started tracking savings account rates history in 2009, the general environment has deteriorated  a lot for savers seeking better return for their money as yields […]

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