British Airways Visa Card 100,000 Avios Points Promotion

[This is an updated offer from Chase for its British Airways Visa Signature Card. For a limited time you can earn up to 100,000 Bonus Avios Points with the current promotion.]

If you travel a lot with British Airways, then the British Airways Visa Signature Card will help you rack up rewards points with the airline faster. With this limited time promotional offer, it will be even more rewarding to own this card.

The British Airways Visa Signature Card is issued by Chase, one of the largest credit card issuers in the country, which also offers quite a few travel rewards credit cards for other airliners. From what I can see, the biggest attractive features of the British Airways Visa Card are its low annual membership fee for generous rewards and no any foreign transaction fees when traveling abroad. Here’s how it works in terms of earning Avios Points (the card used to offer miles as rewards). By using the British Airways Visa Signature card, you can earn 1.25 Avios Points for every dollar spent on daily purchases. That’s on every purchase, no category limitation, which is higher than what most other travel rewards credit cards offer for everyday purchases. Usually, cardholder can expect to earn one mile or point per dollar spent. So the rewards from British Airways Visa Signature card are 25% higher than those from other travel credit cards. If you use the card to buy British Airways tickets, upgrades, or other British Airways products, you’ll earn 2.5 Avios Point for every dollar that you spend, again higher than other credit cards on similar purchases.

If you are considering getting this card, Chase is now offering very generous incentive for new customers. For a limited time, you’ll immediately get 50,000 bonus Avios Points just for making your first purchase on your new British Airways Visa Signature Card, regardless how much money you actually charge on the card. But that’s now all. You’ll be awarded more bonus points if you spend more with the card. For example,  you will receive 25,000 bonus Avios Points if you spend $10,000 in purchase in the first year of card membership. And another 25,000 bonus Avios Points if you spend another $10,000 in the first year. So basically, if you can charge $20,000 on your new British Airways Visa Signature card in the first year of account opening, you will be able to get 100,000 bonus Avios Points. Remember, these are bonus points on top of what you normally earn by using the card. With all these bonus points, you can redeem them for one round-trip transatlantic business class ticket, with destinations include United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland.

In addition to earning Avios Points for everyday purchases with the British Airways Visa Card, you can get a Travel Together ticket if you charge $30,000 or more on the card every year.  Travel Together is a companion ticket that lets you bring someone else along on your next British Airways flight (the ticket voucher is good for two years). All these benefits come with an annual fee of $95, which is not waived for the year.

You are interested in this promotion and the 100,000 Avios Points, you must act quickly because I am sure offer like this won’t last forever.

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2 Responses to “British Airways Visa Card 100,000 Avios Points Promotion”

  1. Pancham Singh |  Jun 02, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Could you please clarify what is AVIOS POINTS?

    • Sun |  Jun 11, 2012 at 10:54 pm

      It’s just the rewards program that this card offers, like any other rewards program that offers points as rewards. You can use the points to redeem things like air fare.