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Are you a Citibank credit cardholder? If you are, then now you can access your Citi credit cards from your mobile device, such as BlackBerry, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

Citibank recently launched its mobile banking application, Citi Mobile, for iPhone which provides its customers with anywhere, anytime access to their credit card account information. Actually, Citibank was the first major U.S. bank to offer its customers a downloadable mobile banking app in 2007. With the new Citi Mobile app, Citi credit cardholders can quickly check account balances, available credit, details on recent transactions, and the date on which the next payment is due, helping prevent the accrual of fees from inadvertently late or missed payments.

Citi Mobile is available free on the Apple App Store and on iTunes. Credit card customers can simply download the application and sign on using the same User ID and Password they use to access their accounts online at Click here to find out more about Citi Mobile and what you can do with it.

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