Citi Private Pass Offers $5 Tickets for Cardholders

Since I am a Citi cardholder, I occasionally get promotional offer from the bank, offers on credit card and banking products. Recently, they sent me a promotion for cheap concert tickets this summer through Citi Private Pass. I myself is not a fan of music, but I thought I’d pass this promotion along to those who might be interested.

In July and August, Citi card members, who hold either their credit cards or debit cards, can get different live concert for as low as $5 each. The tickets are offered through Citi Private Pass, a loyalty program that rewards Citi cardholders with discounts for special events. If you are a card member, you can buy $5 ticket to a bunch of different concerts through the end of August. The concerts are called Lawn Ticket concerts and have different types of music, from Depeche Mode to Nickleback, a great deal for music lovers in this tough economic environment.

Don’t have a Citi card? There are a few cards that Citi offers are quite attractive with good benefits, some already being discussed here, such as the Forward Card, Forward Card for College Students, and PremierPass Card. Once you get the card, just go to Citi Private Pass and purchase tickets to the concerts you like with promo code “CITI” followed by the first two digits of your Citi credit or debit card number.

You have until August 31st to enjoy those cheap concert tickets of the summer :)

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