Need to Compare Credit Cards? Google Can Help

Now there’s a convenient tool for you to compare credit card offers from, not surprisingly, Google.

Google credit card compare

As you can see from the above screenshot, Google’s new credit card comparison tool, currently including 101 U.S. credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, lets you sort credit cards by interest rate (APR), introductory balance transfer rate, or introductory purchase rate. It can also display cards as Personal cards or Student cards and for those with Excellent, Good, Average, Limit, or Poor credit. If you are interested in credit cards with perks, you can also choose to show cards with Cashback, Airline miles, and/or Points. If you are only looking for cards without an annual membership fee, you can use the tool to show only card with no annual fee, or no fee for only the first year, or only charge cards, which are issued by American Express.

Once you find a card you are interested in, you can use the View card details link on the right to get all the details of the card, which will take you to the page with everything you want to know about the card, in an easy-to-read format in one single page. For example, for the Citi Forward Card, the Points program rewards, which is the part that I am mostly interested in, are prominently displayed so I can have a clear idea of the card’s benefits very quickly.
Citi Forward card

I have researched many cards before, mostly on the issuers’ websites. And as you probably also have experienced before, those websites usually also full of information that really doesn’t concern me that much, with useful information buried in it. Now I have to say that I like the Google credit card page better.

After reading all information about the card (card information is pulled directly from card issuer’s website, BTW), you can apply for it right from the Google page if you decide that’s the card you want to have.

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In addition, the new Google tool also lets you compare cards side-by-side, in categories such as Purchase APR, Requirements to qualify, Balance transfers, Account fees and charges, Penalty fees and charges, Cash advances, and Insurance and protection.

Google credit card compare

While I find the side-by-side comparison quite useful, I think it would be even more helpful if it allowed comparison of cards on different pages, i.e., your selection from other pages won’t be lost. Right now, the 101 cards are shown on 11 pages, with 10 on each, just like the number of search results you see on one page when you Google something. The problem for this is that on some pages, you will see most of the cards are from the same issuers, who have a lot of cards to offer, like Citi, AMEX, or Discover, and you can only compare cards showing on the same page. You will be out of luck if you want to compare cards from different issuers on different pages.

Nonetheless, I think this is a nice tool. Hope Google will keep adding more cards to it (I don’t see cards from such big issuers as Chase and Bank of America). What do you think?

BTW, Google has a mortgage comparison tool as well.

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