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Citi Launched New Forward Visa Card: Get Rewarded for Keeping a Good Credit

This could be a hot credit card. Citibank launched a brand new credit card today, called Forward Visa Card, which the bank claims will “help you see rewards of maintain healthy credit.” After a quick glance, it does seem to be a very rewarding card because card member will not only enjoy rewards (in ThankYou […]

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SmartMoney: 10 Things Your Credit Card Companies Won’t Tell You

SmartMoney yesterday published an article on 10 practices that credit card companies use to get more money out of us, their customers. Even though some of them, such as universal default and two-cycle billing, will be banned when the new credit card rules take effect, which is still more than a year away, we should […]

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Paid off My Last 0% Balance Transfer

And it could be the end of my credit card arbitrage game. I applied and was approved for a Citi Driver’s Edge card in early 2008. The reason for me to get that card wasn’t for the rewards it offers, but solely for the purpose of getting an interest free loan from the card and […]

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Discover Escape Card 25,000 Bonus Miles Promotion

Discover is offering a new travel rewards credit card, the Escape Card by Discover, with 25,000 bonus miles. The new Escape card has some very attractive features for people who not only travels a lot but also want to earn rewards faster. The card rewards card members with Double Miles for every dollar you charge […]

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Where You Shop Could Hurt Your Credit Score and Credit Limits

Yes, that sounds unbelievable (I thought only payment history, utilization ratio, credit length, etc, determine credit score), but it could actually happen. Watch this video on Good Morning America yesterday first if you missed the show on TV. Kevin Johnson, who, at 29 years old, is the CEO of a PR firm in Atlanta and […]

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Can Debit Cards Protect Consumers against Fraud?

When the RevolutionCard was first introduced in September 2007, I took a look at the card’s advertised features, which include PIN based transactions, but didn’t really feel how that measure can prevent fraud. I prefer signing the transaction to using a PIN, even though almost nobody actually checks the signature. Still, I want a *proof* […]

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Requested My $250 Chase Freedom Card Cash Check

Yesterday, when I was doing my spending analysis, I noticed that my Chase Freedom Card has already accumulated more than $200 in rewards. I got the card almost two years ago and redeemed my first $250 Freedom cash check in June 2007. As you know, Chase Freedom Card has been one of my favorite since […]

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Difference Between a Debit Card and a Credit Card

For those who have followed this site long enough, you know I am a credit card person. Though I have a Bank of America Check Card in my pocket all the time, I only use it to withdraw cash. But I am not paying my purchases with cash, nor with a debit card. I use […]

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