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Chase Freedom Card: No More 3% Rewards?

Credit card companies are downgrading their rewards programs. Chase Freedom Card is the latest card reducing its cash back rewards. Nowadays, good credit cards with generous rewards (relatively speaking of course) are rare. And good cards can go bad, as the Citi Dividend Platinum Card did a while ago. That’s what happened to Chase Freedom […]

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Discover Card Holiday Promotion: $50 Bonus and More

Are you using Discover cards? If you are, then you can get up to $50 bonus when you shop with your Discover More card this holiday season if you spend $500 or more in the first three months(if you don’t have one, you can use this link to get one). I have discussed this card […]

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Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

So far I have talked about best cashback credit cards and credit cards with good gas rewards. Another category that I haven’t touched is cards with travel rewards. The reason for leaving out travel cards is that I don’t travel much, so there’s little chance I can get the maximum benefits from using travel cards […]

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The Secrets of Successful Credit Management

The most common question that we see at Ask Mr. Credit Card is simple. People want to know, “How can I raise my credit score?” Most of them are looking for a quick fix; they need a loan, or want to open up a rewards card, but they know their score is too low. I […]

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American Express TrueEarnings Card $25 Bonus

Are you using AMEX Costco TrueEarnings credit card? If you are not, here’s a chance to get the card and receive a $25 bonus. The bonus isn’t much, considering you are getting a new credit card and taking a hit on your credit score, though temporarily. Nonetheless, this is a quite nice card that I […]

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HSBC Weekend Card

By just looking at this credit card’s name, Weekend Card, one can pretty much figure out what it is: A credit card that is supposed to be used only on the weekend. Indeed that’s exactly what the HSBC Weekend Card is about: The card gives you 2% cash back when you charge the card on […]

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Discover More Card $50 Bonus Promotion

Discover More Card is having a promotion with $50 bonus. The More card is one of the cards that was featured in my best cash back credit cards post (check out that post for features of this card). If you apply and are approved for a new account and make $500 purchase in the first […]

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Chase Freedom Card Switches to Rewards Points

I have been using Chase Freedom Card for a while and like it quite a lot because its 3% cashback rewards program. Though I don’t use the card for every purchase, I do charge the card at gas stations and grocery stores to make sure that they are in the top three categories so I […]

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