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Discover More Card $100 Bonus Offer

Found this Discover More Card deal on the Clipper Magazine in my mailbox. Details of the offer are: $100 Cashback bonus when you make $500 in purchase; 0% APR on balance transfer until June 2009; 5% Cashback bonus; 3% balance transfer fee. I have discussed this card in my best cash back credit card post. […]

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Well, Credit Card Companies are the Same

Not just that they all want your money, but the way they treat you as a customer. Last year, I had a nightmare with American Express over the fraudulent charges on my Costco TrueEarnings card. Though eventually, the issue seems to be resolved, I had to keep calling and calling them every month for more […]

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards

I am a credit card person. Wherever possible, I use credit cards to pay for my purchases. To me, credit cards are my friend, not foe. The reasons for me to favor credit cards over debit cards or cash are twofold: I know exactly where my money went, I can get cash back for the […]

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Best Gas Rewards Credit Cards

As crude oil went over $110 a barrel, gasoline prices are also surging. According to, (BTW, a good site to find the cheapest gas in your area) the national average price of regular gas is $3.257 per gallon. Though New Jersey has the lowest gas prices in the nation, filling up our cars every […]

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Twist & Turn with Citi Driver’s Edge Card

Before I applied for a Citi Driver’s Edge card back in December, I thought I could take advantage of the no-fee 0% balance transfer offer for 12 months and use the money to payoff our car loan which has an interest rate of 4.90%. Since I have been a Citi customer for almost ten years […]

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Costco AMEX TrueEarnings Card to Offer 3% Cash Back for Gas

I usually don’t read too much the Costco Connection magazine I received every month as part of the benefit of being an Executive Member, because more than half of the magazine are ads while the rest are articles about stuff Costco offers . But a piece in the February issue did get my attention last […]

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Free iPod Shuffle with an Approved Discover Card Application and a Purchase

Don’t have an iPod yet? You can get one for free if you apply and get approved for a Discover More Card and use the card to make a purchase. is now offering a free iPod Shuffle upon approval and activation of a Discover Card. From the offer website, the whole process takes three […]

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Should We Pay off Our Car Loan?

The Federal Reserve just cut interest rate again and banks will soon, if not already, follow suit to lower their savings accounts’ rates. And according to some experts, such as PIMCO’s Bill Gross, the current rate reduction cycle is far from over, which means interest rates from banks are heading no where but south in […]

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