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Closing One More Credit Card

I just shrank my wallet by one more credit card as part of my effort to simply our finance Back in July 2006, I applied for a Discover Miles card for the purpose of using its 12-month 0% balance transfer. Ever since I got the card, I haven’t used it for anything else, though Discover […]

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Chase Freedom Card $100 Bonus

Chase Freedom card is now offering a $100 after opening a new card and making the first purchase. I applied for this card in March was the bonus was $200 and my account was credited $200 less than 2 months after I used the card to make a small purchase. I was a little skeptical […]

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CardIt Review: Too Much for Paying Mortgage with Credit Cards

I am a credit card person. If possible, I will use credit cards to pay everything so I earn rewards for the money that I have to spend anyway. Half a year ago, American Express announced that it will let members make mortgage payments with AMEX cards. The news generated quite some buzz as it […]

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American Express, I am Disappointed!

It has been more than two months since I last called American Express about the unauthorized charges on my AMEX Costco TrueEarnings card and longer than the 8-week investigation period that I was promised. I was hoping the outcome of the investigation could resolve the problem which has been dragging on for nearly 8 months. […]

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A RevolutionCard That’s not so Revolutionary after all

If it wasn’t an article on USA Today yesterday, I probably won’t even know there’s a new kind of credit card on the market on September 24, 2007. RevolutionCard is the name. However, after going through what the new card offers, I found that it’s basically a PIN-based credit card that doesn’t emboss account number […]

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Chase Freedom Card Rewards Program Updates

One of the best deals I ever got from a credit card was the $200 bonus offered by Chase Freedom card back in March. I not only received $250 free money from the card after a purchase was made, but also took advantage of their 0% APR promotion with a huge balance transfer. Despite these […]

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Best & Worst Credit Cards By Consumer Reports

In the October issue of Consumer Reports, the magazine rated some credit card issuers based on user experiences on the company’s customer service, fees, and interest rates. Of some 21 issuers surveyed in their study, USAA Federal Savings, a credit union for military personnel and their family members, ranked the highest customer satisfaction, followed by […]

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Bank of America May Have Removed Balance Transfer Fee Cap

Bank of America is one of my main sources for credit card arbitrage (the other one is Chase). Though I have only two cards with them and they are both more than 5 years old, I constantly got 0% balance transfer offer in the mail with no or very little fee. I don’t really know […]

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