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Chase Charged Me Additional $40.49 For 0% Balance Transfer

And no, this is not the balance transfer fees, which is another $75. The current balance transfer was made in June and will expire in December. Since I only have the balance transfer in my account, I usually don’t check the statement, assuming that as long as I pay the minimum, everything should be fine. […]

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Citi Dividend Card Rewards Program Update

Received in the mail tonight, starting October 13th, the new Citi Dividend Reward program works as follows: 2% cash back on purchases made at supermarket, drugstores, and gas station; 2% cash back or more at convenience stores and for electricity, gas, water supply, refuse services, excluding phone services; 1% cash back on all other purchases; […]

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Cashback Credit Cards

The rumor is out that Citibank will terminate the 5% cashback program of its Dividend Platinum Select Cash Back Rewards credit card (When I checked the Citi’s web site today, I couldn’t even find the Dividend card.) Currently, the card gives 5% cashback on purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores, and supermarkets. Beginning in […]

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End Of 0% Balance Transfer?

I have three Chase credit cards (the Freedom Card, Amazon Card and Sony Card), and since some time last year, I started to receive 0% balance transfer offers from all three cards at almost the same time every month. The terms however are little different from those that came with new cards. Those offers were […]

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Remember the CapitalOne commercial? While CaptialOne is not in my wallet, I do carry a couple of cards: American Express True Savings card: It’s associated with my Costco membership and I only use it at Costco, which gives me 1% rebate together with the 2% cashback I get from Costco of being an executive member. […]

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