Demanding More from Previous Purchases

Whether you’re strapped for cash or not, making the most of all your resources simply makes good fiscal sense. After all, unless you’ve got one of those elusive money trees planted in your backyard, chances are pretty darn good you want to get the most for every red cent you spend. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place, keep reading!

Opt for “multipurpose” whenever possible. From cleaning products to electronics to furniture, if it can handle more than one task or purpose, then it’s able to work twice as hard for you for the same amount of money. Why acquire more stuff to do the same amount of work? You’ll only spend more money and require more space to store them all. You work hard for your cash, make sure that anything you purchase works just as hard or harder.

Maximize value by discovering untapped product possibilities. Don’t leave it to the manufacturers to inform you of all a product’s capabilities. Unless a particular item is touted as “multipurpose” as a selling point, chances are they want you to purchase more of their other products to turn a profit. Get more for your money and demand more from the products already around your home by becoming a “multipurpose” sleuth. From a sturdy dresser that can double as a TV stand to old newspaper sheets that can be recycled as window cleaner (try it, it really works!) to toothpaste that can stand in for nail hole filler, the possibilities, not to mention the potential savings, are literally endless. So put your creativity to good use and start looking at what you already have in a whole new light. You might just surprise yourself and your bottom line to boot!

Become a master of (cost-effective) transformation. If your wardrobe or your home is in need of a little updating, stay clear of a complete overhaul. At least of the traditional variety, that is. Instead, become a master of transformation. Reinvent your wardrobe by injecting it with a bit of novelty in the form of well-chosen accessories such as colorful ties or scarves. Breathe new life into a living room with a few new throw pillows and new lamp shades. (Manage this transformation for even less by creating new covers for your existing throw pillows instead of purchasing entirely new ones.) Redecorate a child’s bedroom by looking for ways to repurpose things they already have and love. Favorite floor puzzles can become easy, beautiful wall art by attaching the pieces to the wall using removable adhesive putty (found at any office supply store). Create a new bedcovering by sewing a quilt from colorful pieces of old favorite clothing. Get your child involved in the process and have him or her create their own wall art to fill old picture frames you have around the house. Discovering new ways to put to use what you already have around the house is not only a great way to “go green,” but also a great way to keep more green in your pocket.


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