Did You Receive the Small Gift from EmigrantDirect?

A surprise was in the mail last night: a gift from EmigrantDirect.

Nothing big or fancy, but I take it as a gesture from EmigrantDirect of being their customer for the past year.

So what’s the gift? It is a small writing pad with my name printed on every page, the kind of gift that you will receive when, for example, making a donation.  Accompanied with the gift is a letter which writes:

You made our re-launch the success it has become. We hope you’ll be a member of the EmigrantDirect family for many years to come. As a gesture of our gratitude, please accept the enclosed gift from EmigrantDirect. Thank you for your business.

The “re-launch” refers to the re-launch of their website a couple of months ago with added security features and much easier to use interface.

While I appreciate the gift, they could have made me even happier if they had maintained their 5.15% APY instead of cutting it down to 5.05%!

BTW, from the letter, it seems that you need to login their new website in order to receive the gift, if you haven’t done so.

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One Response to “Did You Receive the Small Gift from EmigrantDirect?”

  1. John |  Oct 31, 2006 at 12:02 pm

    I did, I think it’s nice. I’m updating my notes on it right now!