Discover Card $30,000 Paperless Statements Sweepstakes

Are you still receiving paper statements from your banks, credit card issuers, or phone companies?

Since I do transactions, such as checking account activities, paying bills, and transferring funds, I want to eliminate paper statements all together if I can because there’s nothing on the paper that I can’t find online. So there’s just no reason for me to receive and keep all those papers. Usually, companies encourage its customers to go paperless and offer electronic statement for free. While for many paperless statement is an option, it’s required for most reward checking accounts in order to receive the higher rate; also some companies, like Zecco for example, charge a fee if their customers choose to receive paper statements.

Right now, the only paper statements I am receiving are from mutual fund companies because some of them either don’t have online access for investors or there’s no such an option to switch to electronic files. All bills of my credit cards are electronic, including Discover card which recently launched $30,000 paperless statement sweepstakes to encourage its cardholders to with to the paperless method.

Discover Card $30,000 Paperless Statements Sweepstakes

In addition to one grand prize of $15,o00, there are also three first prizes of $5,000 each. To enter the sweepstakes, all you need to do is log into your account and opt to receive electronic statements by providing your email address. Once you enrolled, you will receive one entry into the sweepstakes. Plus, you can

  • Get an automatic e-mail reminder 6–7 days before your credit card payment is due.
  • Continue to access up to 24 months of password-protected statements with the option to download a printable PDF.

Are you still getting paper statement from Discover? Sign up before 05/31/2009 to go paperless and get a chance to win as mush as $15,000 in cash :)

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