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The first ever credit card I got was a student card that I applied for using those credit card application forms commonly found on college campuses 16 years ago. Since I had never had a credit card before, there wasn’t any credit history of me at all to be based on for the credit decisions. The card I applied for wasn’t from one of the major issuers because I figured that going with a small bank might increase my chance of getting approved. The strategy did work for me and after about a month, I received my first credit card with a $300 credit limit. As you can see, the credit limit was very low by today’s standard, but that wasn’t a problem for me. What was important for me was the card allowed me to start building credit history. Besides, I didn’t have much to spend anyway. Of course, the card had no annual membership fee, and it didn’t offer any benefit either, except that I no longer had to pay everything with cash.

Things have changed a lot since then. Nowadays, there are many credit cards tailored for college students. One of them is the Discover Student Card. Unlike the student card I got, the Discover Student Card is actually rewards card that allows you to earn unlimited cashback bonues. Basically, you can get up to 1% cashback on all purchases made with the Discover Student Card. In addition to the regular cashback earned from everyday purchase, the Discover Student Card also provides you the opportunity to get 5% cashback from its Bonus Cashback rewards program. What this program offers is that throughout the year, you will be able to receive 5% cashback when shopping in the bonus categories, including gas, restaurants, and department stores, etc. Even though these bonus shopping categories rotate every quarter, you can always find a category that gives you the extra bonus for three months.

If you are interested in getting the Discover Student Card, you can take advantage of the current promotion from Discover that will give you $25 bonus to start with. To get the bonus, all you need to do is apply and get approved for the card and use it. The $25 bonus is yours after your first purchase using the card within the first three months of membership. There’s no spending requirement for the bonus.

And just like many other credit cards for students, the Discover Student Card has no annual fee. You can also enjoy the introductory 0% APR on purchases for the first six months. Plus, you’ll always be protected with $0 Fraud Liability. Discover will even send you text and/or email alert to notify you of any suspicious card activity. This will help protect you from fraudulent charges on your card.

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