Early Termination Fees Slashed at T-Mobile

Early this month when I called T-Mobile to complain the 15 cents they charged me for sending me a text reminder, I also asked their early termination policy and was told that if I want to get out my contract before it expires, I will have to pay a $200 early termination fee, regardless how many months remain on the contract. That’s ridiculously high because other nationwide carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have long ago announced plans to ease the pain on customers who want to get out early.

Well, that policy is about to change. According to numerous web sites, T-Mobile has finally decided to join the party and starts to prorate its early termination fees based on the remaining of the contract:

Beginning on June 28, 2008, the ETF for customers who choose a one-year or two-year service agreement with T-Mobile will decline during the course their contract. The ETF decreases from $200 to $100 if customers terminate service with 91 to 180 days remaining on their agreement; and decreases again to $50 with fewer than 91 days remaining. If customers terminate in the last 30 days of their term, the ETF is $50 or their standard monthly charge, whichever is less.

Have you ever oped out early from your contract? I have never. Not that my carriers, previous and current, are great, I just don’t want to pay for the early termination fee. Besides, there isn’t really anything that’s so attractive to me (not even the iPhone) that I have to have it right away :)

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2 Responses to “Early Termination Fees Slashed at T-Mobile”

  1. Pamela B Boykin |  Dec 01, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    It is very interesting to find this information which I have now seen on another website CNET News. I have been a customer of TMobile since 2002 (ouch) and I have a little less than 3 months on my contract and they are telling me that I have to pay 200.00 to get out of contract. I had a total of 4 lines 3 of which were no longer under contract so I took them off and let them go to another carrier. I am going back and forth with them now through the BBB because of their lame practices. I had to pay 35.00 to get “out of contract” in order to drop my bill so that I would not renew my contract with them. They are doing some under handed things and believe me its going to catch up with them. The Tmobile stores say its prorated but when you call customer service they flat out say no its 200.00 cancellation fees as I am asking which is it? They have yet to answer this question. My thought is if I am now not under contract then Is should be able to leave but of course no honest answer to that I was still told I couldnt leave.