EverBank Raises Money Market Account Bonus Rate to 3.01%

Everbank Money Market Account 3.01% APYEverBank, one of the banks that I talked about quite often here, has increased its bonus rate for its Money Market Account from 2.51% to 3.01% this week. The bonus rate is good for the first three months after the account is opened and funded. The current rate after the introductory period is 1.83%.

EverBank has been one of the banks that consistently pay savers highly competitive rates. After this rate increase, yield of the Money Market Account is the highest among online savings accounts that I track. Combining the bonus rate and current rate together, the actual yield of the account is 2.00% APY for balance up to 50K in the first year. The yield isn’t as good as, say, that of Ally Bank Online Savings Account, which currently pays 2.25% 2.00%APY (see Ally Bank Review for details), but it beats many other popular banks easily. For more information, check out my EverBank Money Market Account review for details.

In addition to the Money Market Account, EverBank has also increased bonus rate for its FreeNet Checking Account to 3.01% and the actual rate for the first year is 1.96% for balance between $50K and $100K. Go to my EverBank FreeNet Checking Account review for more discussions about the account.

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6 Responses to “EverBank Raises Money Market Account Bonus Rate to 3.01%”

  1. Erik |  Jun 04, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Oh man, I miss the days of 5% every day rates!

  2. Sun |  Jun 04, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Yeah, it will be a long time before we can see 5% APY again.

  3. Scott |  Aug 18, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    I have to say that Everbank is the worst bank I have ever considered using. I deeply regret the choice to open an Everbank account. The high interest rate was definitely the drawing point. But after filling out the application online, I had to PRINT it and MAIL it in. That should have set off alarms for me. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I paid $8.00 to get a CASHIERS CHECK for $25500.00 which then sent OVERNIGHT to the tune of $19.00. So far this cost me $27.00.
    After a FULL WEEK, I FINALLY received notification that my account had been opened and that I would receive my account materials in ABOUT another week. OK, NOW ALARMS were going off. I emailed Everbank only to be told that I had to call to get my account number. Everbank “Doesn’t email account numbers because it’s not secure.” So, I phoned per the instructions. The response I got was “Everbank doesn’t give the account numbers out over the phone but you can request an email with the account number.” I still had the email from the first rep, so I read it to the second. After being put on hold to get approval, I finally got my account number so that I could set up online access.
    I immediately logged in to set up online access, only to fine that ALL EFT transfers would take a MINIMUM of 4 BUSINESS DAYS!!!!! When you request the transfer, Everbank takes the money out of your account and holds it for 2 business days so that you can’t earn money but they have 2 days to keep using it. Then, on the 3rd day they initiate the transfer. So, either the 4th day or perhaps later, you will finally receive your money. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!! But I’m not done.
    Online bill pay is PAPER CHECKS CUT AND SENT. NOT EFT!!! As if this wasn’t enough, my $25500.00 CASHIERS CHECK was held for a total of 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CASHIERS CHECKS ARE CASH. So, needless to say I immediately removed my money as soon as the hold was finally released. I’ve only told you the major points and I strongly recommend that you avoid Everbank like the plague. I guarantee you nothing but aggravation, fury, loss of money, and everything else. In the instant, electronic society that we live in, this antiquated bank needs to give it up and go out of business. Please help me spread the word and put them out of our misery. I opened a YIELD PLEDGE MONEY MARKET Account.