How to Find a Summer Intern Job in Recession

Jobs have become very hard to come by for nearly everybody in this very tough economy. While things may be better now than 12 months ago, the nation’s unemployment rate is still hovering around 10%  and more people are out of work right now than ever before in this generation. With everything in the business world so hectic, the chance of finding a good paying job is slim, even for experienced professionals. Many people have already switched careers because they were let go as a part of budget cuts and work force reduction in their original job. Sacrifices need to be made in recessions, and people are making them.
Summer Interns

One of groups of people being hit the hardest during this recession are the kids just graduating from high school and college. Students are more worried than they have ever been about getting jobs after college, which is usually very easy because of the vast amount of offers that many students get before they even graduate. Another group of college and high school kids that are hit hard by this recession are those that are looking for summer internships. Despite the difficulties facing college and high school students this summer, an intern job is still an important step which could help students get better prepared for their future employments.

Why You Need a Summer Internship

An internship is a job that can be offered by any company that is willing to show the intern the tricks of the trade and the way that the company does business. Some of these internships are very hands on and the intern will dive right into the meat of business. Other internships are offered with a more passive approach, and the intern shadows their employer more than does an actual job. Some internships are paid, but most of them are not. In this economy, a paid internship is definitely a plus.

Internships are almost a necessity now for getting a good and well paying job after a student graduates from college. The competition for good jobs has been increasing over the last fifty years because more and more people are going to post secondary school and less people are going directly into the workforce after college. This competition is usually a healthy thing that allows students to grow and mature, but in recession it can just be another hardship to conquer.

For a student that is still enrolled in college, an internship can also provide something to do and a little extra money on the side if it is a paid summer job. Either way, it can help kids stay out of trouble and keep them on track to get a good job and be involved in a great career beyond their school days. But where can a student find an internship in an economy like this?

How to Find Summer Intern Jobs

Actually, there are a lot of places that offer internships. It may be hard to find a paid internship right now because many companies are cutting back on wages and workers as it is. The last thing they want to do is hire a person on who knows almost nothing about what the company does or how to do simple jobs. Because of this fact, it is much easier to find unpaid internships because the companies view these as ways of getting extra help for free.

The easiest way to find an internship really depends on whom a person knows. If the owner or president of company is your next door neighbor, then asking them about a possible internship opportunity at their company can be a quick way to catapult into the corporate world. Connections like this are usually the way that most internships and jobs are won. Knowing certain people can go a long way in life.

Looking through the newspaper for job postings is another way to find potential internships. These are much rarer than other types of advertisements, however. There is not a very good chance that a company that is cutting back on costs will put out the money to buy an ad in the newspaper.

Finding an internship online has become the main way that people have been getting internships. Many companies say right on their home pages whether they have job openings or internships available. There are also many sites that offer job and internship listings for free online. The Federal government website also has postings of government internships that they are offering.

Finding a job or internship isn’t easy in the recession we are facing with today. An internship is a highly recommended activity because it provides experience and the maturity that employers look for in new hires. Who knows, after the internship is over you may get an offer from the company you interned at.

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2 Responses to “How to Find a Summer Intern Job in Recession”

  1. Stocks on Wall Street |  May 24, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    Great tips def. will help many kids improve their resume dramatically by finding a summer internship.

  2. Jenna |  May 25, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    I would definitely encourage every college student to get an internship EVERY summer they are in school. It improves skills, builds a resume, and helps students network to find a job after graduation. Check with family and friends to get an internship. There are also great local resources to find internships as well.