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I applied a Discover Miles Card back in July, which offers 12,000 bonus miles, fee-free 0% balance transfer for one year, and additional 1,000 monthly bonus miles for 12 months with any purchase charged with the card (BTW, the offer is still valid). Immediately after receiving the card, I called Discover to confirm the one-year 0% BT and was told that I can make a transfer before October.

The Miles Card is designed for those with very good credit who plan to take advantage of the travel reward program. Through the reward program, cardholders earn double miles on up to $3,000 in travel and restaurant purchases and one mile for every dollar spent on general purchases. Earned miles can be redeemed for airfare or reduced airfare on most major U.S.-based airlines with no blackout dates. Miles can also be redeemed for gift cards from 90 brand-name partners or cash. Cardholders earn 1,000 bonus miles in every month that they make a purchase during the first year of cardmembership for up to 12,000 bonus miles. There is a maximum of 60,000 miles that may be accumulated per year, but miles will not expire as long as the account remains active within a 36-month period.

In addition, the card offers platinum benefits that include auto rental insurance, up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance, and various Internet account related services. The Miles Card has a 0% introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for six months with no annual fee. The main benefits of the card include:

  • 12,000 Bonus Miles Earn 1,000 Miles each month you make a purchase for your 1st year
  • 1 Mile per $1 on every purchase
  • Plus, 2 Miles on travel and restaurant purchases on your first $3,000 each year
  • No limit on the Miles you earn and Miles dont expire
  • Fly on any airline, book any hotel or car, with no blackout dates
  • Use Miles for travel, merchandise, gift cards or cash
  • 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months then the regular APR
  • No Annual Fee, No Overlimit Fee, No Redemption Fee

Anyway, late last month, as the 0% BT offer about to expire, I called Discover to initiate the transfer, but only got 10 months instead of 12 months. Apparently, when I contacted Discover in July, I only asked if I could get the 0% BT for a year, not the start date of that one year period. I automatically assumed it should start from the time when I make the transfer, which is the case with Citi cards. Not so with Discover. The one-year period actually started at the time when my application was approved. So instead of getting one year, I only have ten months.

Since Discover didn’t provide a convenient check as other banks did for the BT which I can make a deposit directly at the bank, I had to call Discover to actually transfer $9000 to two Citi cards. The reason to transfer the balance to Citi cards instead of other cards was that getting the transferred money from Citi was much easier than other banks as Citi cards have a direct “Credit Balance Refund” option on the website, avoiding the hassle of having to deal with CSRs. After waiting three days for the money to show up in my Citi card accounts, I submitted the refund requests. The next day Citi emailed me

Before processing your refund request, we must verify your recent payments. We will contact you through the Secure Message Center within 7-10 days

Five days later on October 3rd, I was again notified via email that a response of the request has been sent to my message box at the card website. Last night, two checks were in the mail.

Throughout the whole process, I wasn’t contacted by Citi except the two emails about the progress. Overall, it’s a quite simple and painless experience.

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