Now Every Stamp Is A Forever Stamp

So far there is only one design for the Forever Stamp, the Liberty Bell.

Forever stamp

That will soon change.

According to a New York Times story early this week, almost every stamp among 70 to be issued by the Postal Service this year will have “Forever” printed on it instead of the monetary value that we used to see on every stamp. This also means that from now on, every new 2011 stamp you purchased you can still use it to mail first-class letter later even if the cost of first-class stamps keep increasing every year.

I bought something like 200 Forever Stamps a few months ago from Costco after hearing that 1st class postage could go up by 2 cents again this year. Though I can save some money with those stamps, but it’s quite boring to use the same stamps for years (I expect the stamps I bought to last at least 5 years). Now after using the same stamps for more than 3 years (the Forever Stamp was introduced in 2007), it’s nice to have some choices.

Speaking of stamp price, USPS proposed last summer a 2 cent increase based on the current 44 cents for 2011. Though that proposal was denied later, the price of first class mail stamps could still go up by 1 cent in February 2011 because, according to the NYT article, USPS can raise stamp price without approval as long as the increased amount does not exceed the annual inflation rate. After losing more than $8 billion in last fiscal year, USPS will probably make  postage increase an annual event.

Time to stock up on those new and nice Forever Stamps :)

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