Holiday Spendings This Year

We usually didn't spend much money in holidays like Christmas and New Year, mainly because there were only two of us and we don't have the tradition of giving gifts in Christmas. In fact, we don't celebrate Christmas. To us, it's just a day off with nowhere to go (pretty much everywhere is closed at this time). The lunar Chinese New Year is much more traditional, the sad part is we don't get any break for that. This year, however, things changed a little bit: we bought our first ever Christmas tree (an artificial tree so we don't have to buy one every year and it looks much better than the natural tree). This is all for our daughter. She's almost two and this is probably the first Christmas that she has a feeling of what it is (the tree and the lights). We want to make her happy and make this holiday a memorable one (if she can) as well.

So far this year, we spent on the following holiday items:

  • Christmas tree: $172
  • Decoration: $50.03
  • Greeting cards: $12.06
  • For our daughter:
    • TMX Elmo: $39.99
    • Tricycle: $32.99
  • Gifts for my nephews:
    • Books: $29.95
    • Clothes: $38.50
    • TMX Elmo:$39.99
  • Gift for baby sitter: $100
  • Gift for friend: $39.99

The total amount is $555.50, with the Christmas tree and related decorating items count for nearly half of the spendings. We didn't have a budget for holiday gifts, so I don't know where we are. Since the tree and decorations are reusable, they won't be part of the holiday spendings next year.

*Photo from ChristmasTreeLand.  

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2 Responses to “Holiday Spendings This Year”

  1. ricemutt |  Dec 25, 2006 at 4:21 pm

    Merry Christmas to you too, Sun!