HSBC Weekend Card

By just looking at this credit card’s name, Weekend Card, one can pretty much figure out what it is: A credit card that is supposed to be used only on the weekend. Indeed that’s exactly what the HSBC Weekend Card is about: The card gives you 2% cash back when you charge the card on Saturday and Sunday, but only 1% from Monday to Friday.

I have to say that HSBC is quite creative with this new card by offering only half the rewards during work days. I mean what are they trying to do? Encourage people use the card exclusively on weekend? Or tell people not to use the card from Monday to Friday? Whatever the purpose of this card is, I don’t think they can achieve what they want to achieve from the Weekend Card. I can understand credit cards give rewards based on the types of purchases (for example, Chase Freedom card gives 3% cash back on top 3 categories), but based on the day of the purchase? That’s just too much!

Though I use credit cards mostly on weekend (not because I don’t use credit cards during work days, but I almost don’t spend any money), I don’t I will ever touch a card like this. There are credt cards give a flat 2% cash back on purchases made 7 days a week (check out the best cash back credit cards), why would I use a Weekend Card?

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2 Responses to “HSBC Weekend Card”

  1. Michelle Spiers |  Jul 22, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    I have had this card for three weeks now and this is what happens EVERY weekend……..
    All of my transactions sit in pending and are viewable on my account homepage from saturday and sunday, then they are all processed on monday because most merchants banks aren’t opened on sundays. Therefore, HSBC changes the transaction date to monday and the 2% is never rewarded. Even upon faxing of my receipt to the “customer service representative” Carolyn in Virginia, I am told that I need to take it up with the merchants bank. Somehow my sending them a copy of the receipt with the date is not a good enough proof of purchase date????? Shady business practice, poor customer service, horrible credit card with faulty rewards.
    If my account every Sunday night has all of my purchases in the pending state, the company should have smart enough IT emplyees to be able to flag those as 2% purchases.

  2. eduardo |  Mar 12, 2010 at 7:25 am

    This is a great card, I’ve had it for 2 years now. Here is my strategy:
    1.AMEX Blue Cash for Gas, Groceries and Drug Stores – 5% back
    2. Costco AMEX for restaurants – 3% and travel 2%
    3. HSBC weekend card for weekends – 2% except for items listed above and when the merchant does not take AMEX.

    Wife hated having to remember which card to use, until she saw the $2200 in cash back at the end of the year!