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HealthEquity Health Savings Account (HSA)

In the past, when it was time to enroll our medical insurance plan, we always selected the option with the least amount of premium and usually it was the HMO plan. For us, the decision was rather easy to make: Both of us are in good health and the only time of the year that […]

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How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Most of us understand why we need life insurance. We know that our families depend upon us for dozens of things, and we want to make sure they could maintain a comfortable lifestyle if we passed away. But even though people realize they should buy life insurance, they put off a decision because they think […]

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Life Insurance May Make Better Budget Sense Than You Think

Insurance is one of those necessary evils that people feel they must have, but resent paying for – especially during tough economic times. The law demands we have automotive insurance and most mortgages require a homeowner’s policy. With the current recession, the coverage that tends to get the ax first in the cost-cutting process is […]

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Different Types of Insurance and How They Can Help You

Insurance can effectively help you in protecting yourself and your family from the future losses. In today’s world everyday you face so many risks. Insurance can minimize the potential risks like risk of being disabled due to an accident, risk of death, risk of property damage and so on. In order to secure your future […]

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Surprise: No Increase in Car Insurance Premium

Last February, I had a little incident on the way to work: I was pulled over for speeding out side our house. After delaying my court appearance for almost three months, I eventually went to see the judge and settled my case. The price was a fine of $220 plus two points. I got some […]

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Health Savings Account: How HAS Can Save Money

It’s the open enrollment season again and next year my wife’s employer will start to offer a high deductible health insurance plan (HDHP). This means we will have the chance to take advantage of the Health Savings Account. From the material my wife received last week, the high deductible option has $1,000 deductible for a […]

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Credit Score and Insurance Rate

Early last week, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance website has an article that discusses the relationship between credit score and insurance rate. The main message of the article is that insurers look at your credit history and credit score differently from lenders. For example, the number of new credits obtained within a year plays a key role […]

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One More Benefit from Ameriprise Auto Insurance

We switched our auto and home insurance from Liberty Mutual to Ameriprise through Costco last year after some evaluations. The IDs arrived last week with an extra benefit that I didn’t expect before switching: Free 24-hour nationwide roadside assistance for Costco Executive Member. Though this service is mentioned on Costo website, there are much more […]

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