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Identity-Theft Insurance: Why You Don’t Need It

Actually, I never knew such thing as identity-theft insurance till today when I read an article on, which named ID theft insurance "Stupid Investment of the Week." Though a little surprised, it isn't that hard to imagine why such products exist: there must be demands. After all, we insure everything deemed valuable: life, health, […]

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Ameriprise Auto Insurance Paper Works Received

One week after I called Ameriprise for our car and home insurance, the paper works from Ameriprise arrived last night. The estimated premiums and coverage options are exactly the same as what I got a week ago: home insurance one-year premium $207.27 and auto insurance six-month premium $666. However, I am not sure if all […]

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Get Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Quotes Plus a Hard Credit Pull

Last Tuesday, I got an estimate of auto insurance premium from Ameriprise after receiving an email from them. Since I didn’t give them my social, the quote was only a rough number, plus it was for auto only, not auto and home. Even so, the price was still lover then what I am paying Liberty […]

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Auto Insurance: Should I Switch?

Early last month, I updated our car information with Liberty Mutual, our current auto and home insurer. The policy won't expire till the end of next January, and we have been quite happy with their rates and services for the past three years. Therefore, we aren't actively seeking any replacement, though the premiums went up […]

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How to Trim Auto Insurance Bill

A letter from Liberty Mutual came yesterday, asking us for an update on our vehicles, a car and a van, which are both insured with then under comprehensive coverage. It’s the time to renew our auto insurance. I have been with Liberty Mutual for three years and have both auto and home insurance with them. […]

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