IRS Gives April 16 Storm Victims Two Extra Days to File Their Tax Returns

If you are living in the Northeast and is affected by the weekend storm, IRS will give you two extra days to file your income tax return beyond the April 17 deadline. According to the IRS announcement,

Victims of the major storm affecting several Northeastern states on Monday, April 16 will have two additional days to file their tax returns beyond the April 17 tax deadline, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. Taxpayers directly impacted by the storm have until midnight April 19 to meet their tax filing obligations without incurring late filing and payment penalties.

All you need to do is making a mark on your return:

Affected taxpayers can mark their paper tax returns with the words “April 16 Storm.� Taxpayers who e-file their returns can use their software’s “disaster� feature, if available.

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