Make Your Money Work as Hard as You Do

No matter what your age and how much money you do or do not have, it only makes good sense (and cents!) to make sure your money is working as hard – or preferably harder – than you do. Fortunately, making sure this happens is a lot easier than you may think. Here’s just a few ways to help get you – and your money – started:


Build a budget to organize your funds. Help ensure that money isn’t needlessly slipping through the cracks, or your fingertips, by knowing exactly how much is going out and where it’s going to. After all, unorganized money is likely misappropriated money. You can’t make your money work hard if you hardly know how much money you’ve got.

Put your money where it can grow. Don’t think you need to have thousands (or even just a thousand) of dollars at your disposal to make it grow. And forget about just getting a free account because, unless you’re money is earning interest, you’re missing out. From online-only banks to credit unions, the name of the money-making game now days is interest-bearing savings and checking accounts.

Stop giving to Uncle Sam and start keeping more of what is yours. Admittedly, the promise of a hefty refund check can be a great motivator to get those taxes done and filed, but if you consistently get a refund come tax time, than you’re likely overpaying throughout the year. Why let the government earn interest off of your money when you could be pocketing the same interest income or using the money to help make ends meet more easily? To find out what your withholding should be, use the free IRS withholding calculator. If a change needs to be made, simply request to fill out a new W2 form with your employer.

Whenever possible opt for items that multi-task. To get the most value from every dollar and the biggest bang for your buck, make an effort to purchase items that are either designed by the manufacturer to perform more than one function or that you can transform into a multi-tasking wonder. Purchase multi-surface cleaner in bulk for simple savings. Select a low dresser to function as both additional storage as well as an end table. Opt for a space-saving as well as money-saving 4-in-1 printer/scanner/fax/copy machine in lieu of bankrolling an individual machine for each fuction.

Opt for purchases with added benefits. When it comes to making any purchase or financial investment, no matter how small, don’t just settle. A quick reminder of how much time you spent working to earn the money you’re about to fork out will likely provide the motivation needed to seek even more out of what you’re about to spend. From retail purchases coupled with free samples or sold in reusable packaging to hotels that cater to guests with a complimentary breakfast to opting to purchase from stores that offer price matching and extended warranties, there’s fortunately an unlimited number of ways to make sure you get all you deserve and then some for every dollar you spend.

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