Online Finance Courses at Capitalist Curriculum

The Capitalist Curriculum gives online personal finance courses that are among the most Comprehensive on the web.

They start from the very foundations of basic economics, explaining important concepts such as the Time Value of Money and Return on Investment in an easy to understand way. These concepts are then applied to debt, mortgages, and even de-mystifying the federal income tax system — all of which are understood by very few despite the huge impact they have on our finances. Finally, the Capitalist Curriculum discusses investments. Fundamental concepts behind the purchase of real estate, bonds, stocks, bank products, annuities, and hybrids, such as mutual funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs), are all explored.

Participants who combine the information laid out in the courses should have ample resources to convert excess income to investment assets, and begin a long endeavor of real wealth building. If you want to be able to make the most of the money you work so hard to earn, the Capitalist Curriculum is the place to get started and build a foundation of knowledge that will guide you along the way!

Each finance course was originally priced at $24.95, but now it is offered at a discount rate of $14.99. The courses include reading material in Personal Capital, lectures designed specifically for Capitalist Curriculum and not available elsewhere, and a collaborative classroom environment lead by J.L. Eaton. As an exclusive offer for readers of this blog, you will be able to get the first course FREE if you use the referral code “SUNSFINANCIALDIARY” when you create a Capitalist Curriculum account. By taking the free course first, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the course to find out whether it is right for you before deciding to take any further courses or not.

If you are interested, visit Capitalist Curriculum to find out more about what they are offering.

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