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Saving money couldn’t be simpler: start to prolong the life of what you already have. From your car to your furniture to your clothing, the longer you’re able to squeeze life out of them, the longer you’re able to keep more cash where it belongs – with you! For generations it’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that can apply to both your stuff and your cash, too. Use the following strategies as an ounce of prevention against having to prematurely fork out a ton of cash towards a cure – a brand new purchase and cost.


Invest in proper care. Ongoing maintenance and upkeep care may be inconvenient at times and may put a pinch in your budget, but it’s by far and away easier to manage both financially and otherwise than a complete replacement. So schedule those oil changes and mend those ripped hems and missing buttons because you might as well be putting money back in your pocket each time you do.

Create your own insurance policy (of sorts). Even if you’ve invested in the highest of quality in the hopes of ensuring a long and useful lifespan, there’s often even more you can do to help make that happen. Clear vinyl sheeting can be placed on top of beautiful wood dining tables to both show off the natural beauty as well as protect it. Couches, chairs and even car interiors can be treated at home with spray-on stain release treatments. Got kids? Then you’ll likely have a ton of pants with worn out knees. Avoid this – or help stave it off as long as possible at least – by reinforcing the knees with patches applied on the inside of the pants. Don’t forget the little things, too. Strategically place coasters where they’ll be easy to access and therefore more likely to be used. Leave a beautiful trivet out on your counter ready to be of service when needed and help minimize the possibility of scorching the counter. Stash a bottle of stain remover near the hamper in the bedrooms. You’ll be more likely to catch stains before they hit the wash increasing the likelihood that you’ll be able to wear the clothes again stain-free.

Be choosy about where and how you pay. It goes without saying that when you’re making a major purchase, it pays to buy from companies who will stand behind their products. Whether in the form of no-questions-asked refunds and exchanges or price-matching promises, look for and reward companies who are willing to go the extra mile for your business. Additionally, many major credit cards also offer purchase protection for items paid for using their card. (Check with your creditor for more specific information.) Want the extra protection without the cost of credit card interest? Smart consumers will plunk down the plastic for the additional coverage and then pay off the balance in full when the bill comes due. It’s a great way to have your “cake” and keep your cash, too!

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