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Use ChargeSmart to Pay Mortgage?

If possible, would you use credit cards to make mortgage payments? As the single largest payment that we have to make each month, I would love charge our monthly mortgage on a rewards credit card if we could. It’s not about having some 30-day delay in paying the credit card bill, because the delay only […]

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ING Direct Kids Savings Account Review

ING Direct Kids Savings Account is a better way to teach children about money and saving. A few years ago, when I was quite active on Amazon Marketplace selling books and electronic devices, I opened a savings account at ING Direct for my daughter so that I can save the money from selling those stuff […]

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Big Banks Are Eliminating Free Checking Accounts

A while ago, we talked about how free checking may be ending as banks, big and small, adjust their business models after regulatory changes in recent years. The new laws, which essentially changed how banks issue credit cards and collect overdraft fees, are supposed to protect consumers from banks’ predatory practices, but it seems that the new […]

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When Making Budget Cuts Look At The Big Items First

When people make the decision to dive into the family budget and make some cuts to account for a job loss, new member of the family or just to save a few extra dollars, they usually have the best of intentions at heart. They want to live within their means and be financially responsible. They […]

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Virtually Clip Coupons for Real Savings

Want to not clip coupons, but still save, too? If you already have a grocery store loyalty card, it’s entirely possible and incredibly easy. In fact, it’s as simple as scanning potential coupons online, loading them to your loyalty card and then scanning your card at checkout. No newspapers, no clipping, no carting around tiny […]

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Laddering CDs Can Add Liquidity And Return

One of the great drawbacks of this historically low interest rate environment we’re in is that it’s darn difficult to get anything close to a decent return on your cash nowadays. Sure, you can move it into riskier investments like bonds or even high yield bonds to try to juice your returns but a move […]

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American Express New Blue Cash Everyday Card

American Express has replaced its old Blue Cash Credit Card with the new Blue Cash Everyday Card. The new card, which was launched yesterday, looks similar to the old card in design, but has a rewards program that is better than that of the Blue Cash Card for those who don’t charge a lot on the card […]

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How to Maximize Coupon Savings

Ever wish you could print your own money? Coupons come pretty darn close. I’ll admit to fluctuating back and forth between being a die-hard coupon toting convert and leaving them by the wayside, but the savings can’t be argued with. If you’re thinking 50 cents here and maybe a buck there, think again. For the […]

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