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Monthly Saving and Investing Schedule

Every month, I put some money in our savings and investment accounts and I do it on fixed dates. Yes, I am not trying to time the market, but rather making sure that saving/investing comes first. Both my wife and I get our paychecks every two weeks, and most of bills (mortgage, credit cards, phones, […]

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New Promotion From Discover Card

Time to put your Discover card in use! Discover card has a new promotion from October to December for 5% cashback on restaurants and movies (good for both tickets and rentals). Making the deal more attractive, you can also earn 5% cashback from the following retailers: (both online and in-store): Barnes & Noble Borders […]

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Chase 0% APR Balance Transfer Charges Follow Up

So I called Chase this morning before I came to work about the finance charges associated with the 0% balance transfer I made back in July. The $40.49 charge was under the “Periodic Rate? category and my main questions to the CSR were what is periodic rate and why was I charged for 0% balance […]

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It’s Holiday Weekend But We Got Nowhere To Go

Though Tropical Rainstorm Ernesto is probably still located some where in Maryland, we already know what it could bring to us in the next 24 hours. According to the forecast, Ernesto is marching north at 10 mph, and we could receive more than 2 inches of rain by this afternoon. Outside the window now, wind […]

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Chase Charged Me Additional $40.49 For 0% Balance Transfer

And no, this is not the balance transfer fees, which is another $75. The current balance transfer was made in June and will expire in December. Since I only have the balance transfer in my account, I usually don’t check the statement, assuming that as long as I pay the minimum, everything should be fine. […]

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Credit Check Time

And it’s Equifax’s turn. With the recent amendment to the federal Fair Credit Reporting, getting a free credit report has never been easier. Now everybody is eligible for one free credit report from each of the three credit agencies. Since 2006, when the free credit reports became available for New Jersey residents, I set up […]

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I Hear Donald Trump Speak Everyday

on my local radio station   “I think we’ve come up something that is going to be spectacular. And exactly what he is referring to? How to become a real estate guru and how to make millions in the real estate market. Seriously, do you believe what he said? A couple of years ago when […]

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Citi Dividend Card Rewards Program Update

Received in the mail tonight, starting October 13th, the new Citi Dividend Reward program works as follows: 2% cash back on purchases made at supermarket, drugstores, and gas station; 2% cash back or more at convenience stores and for electricity, gas, water supply, refuse services, excluding phone services; 1% cash back on all other purchases; […]

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