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Free Worldwide ATM Access For PNC Bank Customers

Good news for PNC Bank customers. If you use PNC Bank, soon you will be able to get cash from any ATM around the world for free. MarketWatch reported today that starting September 1st, PNC Bank customers can access ATMs worldwide without paying any fees. The bank will reimburse access fees charged by other banks […]

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Cashback Credit Cards

The rumor is out that Citibank will terminate the 5% cashback program of its Dividend Platinum Select Cash Back Rewards credit card (When I checked the Citi’s web site today, I couldn’t even find the Dividend card.) Currently, the card gives 5% cashback on purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores, and supermarkets. Beginning in […]

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End Of 0% Balance Transfer?

I have three Chase credit cards (the Freedom Card, Amazon Card and Sony Card), and since some time last year, I started to receive 0% balance transfer offers from all three cards at almost the same time every month. The terms however are little different from those that came with new cards. Those offers were […]

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Transfer IRA Account to Vanguard

Well, after a long delay, I finally called Vanguard this morning to check out the possibility of transferring my Roth IRA assets currently at Scottrade to Vanguard. I currently have a total of five funds in my portfolio and four of them are Vanguard funds: VTSMX, VWELX, VGTSX, and VIPSX. The only exception is BRSIX, […]

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Save Now, Girls!

I came cross an article on yesterday titled “The Girl’s Guide to Retirement? and there are some interesting numbers in the article that caught my attention. Everybody knows women tend to live longer than men (on average five years longer), yet when it comes to retirement expectations, women usually underestimate the amount they need […]

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Remember the CapitalOne commercial? While CaptialOne is not in my wallet, I do carry a couple of cards: American Express True Savings card: It’s associated with my Costco membership and I only use it at Costco, which gives me 1% rebate together with the 2% cashback I get from Costco of being an executive member. […]

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