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CapWest Mortgage: Low Rate Home Loans for Qualified Borrowers

We bought our house around this time last year after more than three months of searching and negotiating. Even though it is believed that winter may not be a good time to buy a home (we started looking in December 2009) because of a smaller inventory, the purchase was made as we were trying to […]

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Last Minute Tips for Tax Filers

If you’re anything like me, you still have yet to file your federal income taxes for 2010. In my case, the work is already 99% done. The 1% that is left to be completed is printing out the form, writing a check and making a trip to the post office on Friday or Saturday. The […]

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Pay Less for Tax Prep

Nothing hurts more than actually shelling out cash to prepare taxes. Except, that is, shelling out cash to pay taxes. If you do happen to opt for the prior, you’re in good company. Many of us choose to employ the assistance of a professional to help whittle down what we owe to Uncle Sam. Fortunately, […]

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Prepaid Cards Can Be Fee Heavy Choices For Saving

At first glance, the idea of a prepaid debit card seems like a good one. You load a certain amount of cash onto a card and use it like you would an ordinary debit card. It works great for younger folks too who don’t need to be tempted by the idea of free credit. They […]

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Get Out of Bad Debt Using Debt Settlement

Much of what you read about debt settlement tells you to stay away from it, that settlement is only a scam. However, debt settlement is a legitimate way to get rid of bad debt. Thanks to a new Federal regulation for debt relief companies, debt settlement companies have a harder time scamming consumers. What is […]

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Life Insurance And Your Financial Future

As people continue to turn their backs on volatile investment strategies, life insurance as a vehicle for securing one’s financial future has become a popular topic, and several opinions can be found in favor of or against it. The problem with most of these opinions, other than the fact that many of them are biased, […]

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I mentioned early in my Credit Karma, Quizzle and Credit Sesame comparison post that the strength of Credit Sesame, the latest provider of free credit score, is in the home loan area. Because Credit Sesame has a large database of mortgage providers, it’s able to run through thousands of scenarios and find the best offers […]

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5 Things You Should Have On Hand To Weather A Disaster

The earthquake and tsunami that have devastated much of Japan recently have emphasized the importance of disaster preparedness.  The 9.0 earthquake that rocked the Far Eastern nation and spurred the deadly tsunami waves has left thousands of people dead and far more still unaccounted for.  The subsequent nuclear power plant crisis resulting from the earthquake […]

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