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Life Insurance And Your Financial Future

As people continue to turn their backs on volatile investment strategies, life insurance as a vehicle for securing one’s financial future has become a popular topic, and several opinions can be found in favor of or against it. The problem with most of these opinions, other than the fact that many of them are biased, […]

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I mentioned early in my Credit Karma, Quizzle and Credit Sesame comparison post that the strength of Credit Sesame, the latest provider of free credit score, is in the home loan area. Because Credit Sesame has a large database of mortgage providers, it’s able to run through thousands of scenarios and find the best offers […]

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5 Things You Should Have On Hand To Weather A Disaster

The earthquake and tsunami that have devastated much of Japan recently have emphasized the importance of disaster preparedness.  The 9.0 earthquake that rocked the Far Eastern nation and spurred the deadly tsunami waves has left thousands of people dead and far more still unaccounted for.  The subsequent nuclear power plant crisis resulting from the earthquake […]

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Morrill and Janes Bank Checking Account 1.51% APY

Bank accounts with good rates and low minimum balance requirements are hard to find these days. In my early post on current savings account rates, I listed a bunch of popular high-yield savings accounts and their current rates, and as you can see, all of them are in the low 1% range. Nothing exciting if […]

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Walk Away from An Underwater Mortgage?

The mortgage industry says it’s dishonest, irresponsible, dishonorable, and even anti-social. They term it as unscrupulous behavior. What could they be referring to? They’re referencing the latest phenomenon of homeowners walking away from their underwater mortgages. What’s an Underwater Mortgage? Well, that has become a pretty common occurrence these days with the debacle that has […]

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Rollover 401(K) Account to An IRA Account After Leaving Your Job

With the rise in unemployment over the last couple of years, we’ve seen thousands of workers saying goodbye to their employers and hitting the streets.  While it may not be the top thing on their mind if they’ve been laid off, many of these folks have 401(k)s or 403(b)s with their old work that they’ll […]

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Adopt an Adventurous Spirit to Save More

While the old adage “Why fix what isn’t broken?” is often sound and sage advice, it isn’t always the case when it comes to saving money. In fact, adopting a more adventurous spirit (or at the very least, remaining open to trying new things from time to time) can do much more than broaden your […]

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Saving and Investing on Autopilot

For all these years on our journey to financial independence, we have tried a number of different ways in order to facilitate our saving and investing. Among different approaches we took, the method that we found most effective  is automation. From paying bills, sending money to savings account, to buying stocks and mutual funds, we […]

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