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Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card 600 Bonus Points

If you are a cardholder of the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card, you can now earn an additional 600 Rapid Rewards Points by adding a user to the account. To get the bonus, all you need to do is log into your account and add an authorized user to your existing cards. Or you can […]

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Capital One Venture Card Matches Up to 100,000 Miles

I don’t have a Capital One credit card, but in the past couple of weeks, both my wife and I have received pre-approved offers from the card issuer, which I don’t like that much, for its new Capital One Venture Visa Card. From the description, the card does seem to be quite interesting: 2 miles […]

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Financial Lessons From Charlie Sheen

I used to be a Charlie Sheen fan.  Used to be. That was before he spent the last week or two going off on one nonsensical rant after another and cementing his reputation as certifiably insane in the court of public opinion.  Nobody really knows save for Sheen himself if drugs, dementia or something else […]

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Best Savings Account Rates 2012

If you are looking for a better place to put your hard earned cash, you won’t be happy when you see the picture of current savings account interest rates. Since I started tracking savings account rates history in 2009, the general environment has deteriorated  a lot for savers seeking better return for their money as yields […]

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Link Sallie Mae Savings Account to Upromise Account

I opened a Sallie Mae Savings Account last May. The reasons for getting another account when I already have  a few in the dormant mode were 1) the rate was better than all others and 2) I like the Sallie Mae’s feature that allows me to earn extra return from Upromise, which is also owned […]

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Wisconsin Budget Squabble Brings Pension Liabilities To The Forefront

My home state of Wisconsin has been at the top of the news recently as Democrats and Republicans have hunkered down to wage battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.  At the heart of the squabble is the insistence on Walker’s part to eliminate most of the collective bargaining rights currently belonging to the […]

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EverBank MarketSafe Diversified Commodities CD

With prices of food (UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s global food price index reached 231 points in January, higher than the previous peak of 213.5 points reached in 2008), precious metals (gold price is around $1,400/ounce and sliver is at 31-year high), and oil (crude oil price is approaching the $100/barrel mark) all on the […]

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There’s Strength (and Savings) in Numbers

As the saying goes, two (or more heads) are often better than one. And fortunately for us, it’s even more true when it comes to saving money. From great discount opportunities to discovering even more ways to save money, surrounding ourselves with friends, family and even virtual acquaintances can really help our bottom line. Saving […]

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