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How Much Does It Take To Get To $1,000,000?

The club of investors who can claim to have a net worth of over $1,000,000 isn’t nearly as elite as it used to be decades but that doesn’t mean that being able to call yourself a millionaire carries any less allure.  So many people think that obtaining the title of millionaire is an unobtainable Everest-like […]

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We Refinanced Our Mortgage

With mortgage rates are record lows, did you refinance your loan recently? We did. We started the refinancing process in late August, when the rate of 15-year fixed mortgage dropped to as low as 3.75% APR. At that time, we were only a few months into our original 15-year loan, which carried an interest rate […]

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Mastering Negotiation to Save Money

The art of negotiation is an important one, especially when it comes to your finances. Anyone who has ever had to work out a debt repayment plan or get their credit card interest rate lowered knows that negotiation plays a big role in how things turn out. Even if your financial situation is in perfect […]

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When Convenience Fees Can Help You Save

Sure, ideally you’d be able to pay everything right when the bill comes. But, sadly, in this economic climate that ideal can be very far from reality. The good news is, though, that opting to fork over a usually nominal convenience can often help you save even more money than if you didn’t as well […]

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Signs That You Need To Run Away From Your Financial Advisor

There are some people in this world that you’re supposed to be able to trust.  Your spouse.  Your priest.  The list could go on and on.  If you’re someone who works with a financial advisor, they should also be on that list and they should be high on it.  And why not?  He or she […]

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Should You Use Your Cell Phone For Credit Card Processing?

Technology has certainly changed the way in which business is conducted across the world; several exciting new innovations have made life easy for both the business owners as well as the customers. One such technological advancement is the ability to use your cell phone for credit card processing. Like with all other technological introductions, business […]

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American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card 15,000 Bonus Points

American Express now offers a faster way to earn points with the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, a travel rewards credit card. It allows you to buy the things you need, and get rewarded with the things you want. With the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, you can earn points up to three […]

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Make Sure You’re Coming Out Ahead When Refinancing

With rates currently at all-time lows, the boom in mortgage refinancing has continued to pick up steam.  30-year mortgages can be had for rates under 4.5% while many 15-year mortgages are going for less than 4%.  If you’re considering an adjustable rate mortgage, you can go even lower than that. Refinancing your mortgage has long […]

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