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How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

As I mentioned earlier, we are in the process of refinancing our mortgage to take advantage of the record low rate. We have heard back from our broker and there is good news and bad news. The good news is we have locked in a rate that’s much lower than our current rate of 4.25% […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Make Bad Managers

Like most people nowadays, I’ve worked several different jobs over the course of my career. I’ve worked for some folks who were great managers and I’ve worked for some that were their own worst enemy. My first job out of college was working for an individual who built his own investment firm from the ground […]

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Stock Up for School NOW for Savings

Think you’ll save more money by waiting? Want to window shop a bit more before committing? Are you considering waiting until after school starts before picking up all the necessary supplies? If so, you’ll likely lose out on tidy sum of savings. The time to stock up for school and still save money is now, […]

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My Financial Bucket List

My wife and I like to talk relatively frequently about the things we’d like to do and things we’d like to have later in life. In reality, with two young daughters at home our financial perspective doesn’t often drift beyond the near future but that doesn’t stop us from partaking in a little wishful thinking […]

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New Overdraft Law: Is It Good?

This past Sunday, August 15th, is the effective date for existing bank customers to opt-in overdraft protection plans (new customers have to enroll in the program starting July 1st if they want the *protection*) in case their bank accounts are overdrawn. This is a requirement set by the new overdraft law which went into effective […]

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Credit Card Rewards: Gainers and Losers

If you are a credit card user, I am sure you love to use your cards and receive 1%, 2% or even 3% cashback. But have you ever thought about who actually pay for all those credit card rewards, cashbacks, points, miles, you are getting when you use a rewards credit card to buy stuff? […]

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What Wall Street Reform Holds For You

Despite deep partisan divide, President Barack Obama recently signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Corporate Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The law is meant to address a number of the dilemmas caused by financial institutions that resulted largely in one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. Many of the changes addressed […]

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Stay Home to $ave

The easiest way to protect your money is to simply not spend it. If you’re safe and sound at home, then so is your money. Problem is, though, that many of us – myself included – enjoy getting out and about and indulging a bit from time to time. For our family, I’ve found that […]

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