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AT&T Universal Savings & Rewards Card $50 Bonus

The AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card from Citibank, which was the first ever credit card I got more than 13 years ago, is a credit card that’s designed for those with good credit who desire a credit card with an excellent rewards program. This card acts both as a credit card and a calling […]

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Are We Back In Recession Or Did We Ever Really Leave?

Earlier this year, the economy and the nation’s financial health looked like it might finally be on the mend. After bottoming out in the 6500s in March 2009, the Dow has spent the last several quarters roaring back. By April of this year, the Dow was back above 11,000, unemployment numbers were starting to come […]

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What to Let Go to Get to Know Wealth

The grass is always greener… Keeping up with the Joneses… Shall I go on? It seems like our society is always after the latest and the greatest, the biggest and the best. As a result, we dig deeper and deeper into our pockets to afford it. But why? Is it really better? Is it really […]

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Citi Forward Card $200 Gift Certificate Promotion and More

Here are some current credit card bonus promotions if you are looking for extra incentives when deciding which card to apply for: Citi Forward Visa Card will give you a $200 gift certificate to if you use your Citi Forward Card to make at least $100 purchase between now and September 15, 2010. With […]

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WTDirect Increases Savings Account Yield to 1.21% APY

On the day when the Fed chief indicated that the near-zero interest rate we had since December 2008 will be here to stay in order to combat the high unemployment rate (his comments also sent the stock market down sharply BTW), WTDirect, one of the popular online banks, announced that it’s increasing the yield of […]

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Practice Contentment to Save Cash

The most sure-fire way to save cash is to simply not spend it. It’s far easier said than done, though. From the unexpected expenses that inevitably pop up at the most inopportune time to those times when (gasp!) you find yourself looking for a bit of retail therapy, the temptation to spend money lurks around […]

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Our Mortgage Was Sold After Only One Month

When we signed the closing documents in the middle of April, we were told by our agent, not directly to us, but during a casual conversation, that our mortgage could be sold to somebody else later, but the terms of our mortgage, such as rate and length, etc., should remain the same if the transaction […]

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Consider Other State’s Plans For Your 529

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who is looking for the best way for the skyrocketing costs of a college education, you’ve no doubt heard of the 529 plan.  529s are the tax-advantaged plans offered up by the government for the express purpose of saving for college.  And every state now offers its […]

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