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Wikinvest Lets Me Track My Investments, But …

Wikinvest generated a lot of buzz a couple of weeks ago when it announced a platform that lets users track their investments at brokers in real-time. If you are not familiar with Wikinvest, it works kind of like, which tracks transactions in my bank accounts,  but what Wikinvest tracks are investments at brokerage accounts. […]

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Financial Challenges for the Class of 2010

Have you heard the popular statistic that a college graduate earns an average of $1 million more over the course of a lifetime than a person with only a high school education? That number should make just about any lackadaisical high school kid scramble to open a savings account in anticipation. However, it’s doubtful that […]

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First-Time Homebuyer Tax-Credit May be Extended?

When we began to look for a house to buy late last December, we planed to have the purchase closed before May so that we could take advantage of the $6,500 homebuyer tax credit from the government. That’s why we started well ahead of the deadline to give us plenty of time to find the […]

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6 Easy Ways to Save Money without a Budget

“Help me save money!” More and more Americans need advice on saving money but they don’t have time to create a budget. Also, budgets are rigid, complex and cause guilt, especially if you don’t stick to them. They make people anxious every time they go to buy something, trap them into a set spending schedule, […]

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Women and Money

I recently started thinking about money and women after I read a book written by Barbara Stanny. She is an author to a few books such as “The Secret of Six Figure Women” and “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.” There were a few women that laugh after I told them the second book title because well, it was funny. Unfortunately, […]

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Are CDs from Troubled Banks Worth The Trouble?

My folks are retired.  They have been for a good ten years now and in between travelling and soaking in the warm weather, they do their best to manage their investment portfolio to fund their retirement plans. They try to maintain a relatively safe portfolio that provides at least a decent return on their money […]

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Advantages of Using A Credit Card Over A Debit Card

A debit card could be the best option for you if you have issues with financial responsibility and controlling your spending and debt levels. However, while a debit card is a more responsible version of a credit card, it does not replace a credit card completely. For example, following are five things which a credit […]

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2010 Best Places to Work for New Grads

Good paying jobs are hard to come by in this tough economy, even for experienced professionals (the latest employment report this morning shows a 9.7% unemployment rate nationwide). After millions of job losses since the beginning of the current recession two and a half years ago, new grads are in a especially difficult position to […]

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