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Evergreen Financial Activities that Never Go Out of Style

Your clothes, shoes, cars and home furnishings will go in and out of style over the next 20 years as they have over the past 20 years. Music will change, television shows will end and dog breeds will fall in and out of favor. One thing that never changes, however, is how you should treat […]

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How to Live Without Credit

Living without credit in 2010 isn’t easy. The economy has evolved in recent decades such that credit is an unavoidable part of almost every major purchase. Buying a car, taking out a mortgage and even signing a wireless service contract all involve your credit to one extent or another. Increasingly, employers are even pulling the […]

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Get First Checked Bag for Free with AMEX Delta SkyMiles Cards

A couple of years ago, when airlines first started to add surcharges for checked-in baggage, their excuses were to use the extra fees to offset high fuel cost. At that time, the price of a barrel of crude oil was something like $140 and there were predictions that the cost of oil could go up […]

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How Concerned Are You About Net Worth?

One of the first things many people do when creating their own financial plan is to determine their net worth. By adding all assets and subtracting all liabilities they will create a financial starting point that indicates how healthy their situation is or isn’t. But relying too much on this number itself without properly weighing […]

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How to Find a Summer Intern Job in Recession

Jobs have become very hard to come by for nearly everybody in this very tough economy. While things may be better now than 12 months ago, the nation’s unemployment rate is still hovering around 10%  and more people are out of work right now than ever before in this generation. With everything in the business […]

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Summer Yard Prep for Pennies

It’s summer and the weather is great! Well, it’s summer where I am and chances are it’ll reach you pretty soon too. And when it does, you may want to create a backyard tropical paradise so you can get away from it all without spending any money of gas or hotel rooms. Well here are […]

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A New Child Means Lots of New Expenses

OK, the good news first. My wife and I are expecting our second child literally any day now. It’ll be our second daughter. We’re over the top excited and can’t wait to meet her! Now for the bad news. This is going to cost us a lot of money. After realizing we were going to […]

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DIY Consumer Education

If you’re forking out your hard earned money without doing a bit of preliminary homework than you might as well just start throwing money out the window because that’s what you could be doing. When it comes to my cash – and I’m just guessing here that I’m probably not alone – I want to […]

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