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Squeezing One Last Deduction out of 2009

Surprisingly, many people do not realize that they can still get one last deduction out of 2009 even though their current calendar reads 2010. No, this isn’t fantasy or traffic grasping SEO hype — there really is one way for you to still get another deduction on your 2009 taxes. Ready? Here goes: If you […]

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CARD Act Aims To Finally Protect Consumers

Last year, President Obama finally pushed legislation through Congress that is aimed at protecting American consumers from the unscrupulous practices of credit card companies.  This week, the new credit card law finally takes effect. On Monday, February 22nd, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (the CARD Act, for short) begins guarding credit card […]

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Virginia Education Savings Trust (VEST) Review: Low Cost 529 Plans With Solid Investment Options

When I opened the 529 college savings plan for our first daughter in 2005, the plan offered by New Jersey was never an option to me because there is not tax benefit for using NJ 529 plan even for the state residents. But that wasn’t all. What really made me stay away from NJ college […]

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Creating a Home Directory

Anyone who believes in the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” will also agree that the best way to save money is by managing what you already have well. Without some kind of organization in place, this can be easier said than done. That’s where a home directory comes […]

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Sometimes, The Best Lessons Learned in Life Are Learned The Hard Way

If there were one phrase in life that sums up lessons learned the hard way, it would be the infamous “I told you so.”  At one point or another, you were informed by a friend, family member, or a professional, exactly what you should do, disregarded it, and paid the price.  So for your entertainment, […]

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Those Who Don’t A-S-K Don’t G-E-T

When it comes to saving money (and even getting more for your money), the old saying is true: the squeaky wheel truly does get the oil. So speak up to make sure you’re getting your fair share and then some. It’s amazing how simply being friendly and approachable can turn into real profits for your […]

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Finding Money Where There’s None

f your household finances have become a juggling act – or worse – have you upside down entirely, have no fear. There are many ways you can find money where there is seemingly none and, thankfully, none of them require you to get another job or give up any sleep! I The best place to […]

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Lessons Learned While Watching MTVs True Life: I Have Broke Parents

Hi, my name is Yolander and I sort of have an addiction. What am I addicted to? Well, it’s not dangerous, it’s not expensive, and I can safely operate a vehicle after I’ve indulged in it… I’m addicted to the MTV documentary series, True Life. I tend to be a bit of a voyeur which […]

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