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The Case For Higher Taxes

Listen to almost every politician and you’ll likely hear a similar theme coming from their mouths – lower taxes. And why not? Telling taxpayers that you’re going to lower their tax bill is how you win elections. But there’s a stark reality that America is facing right now. The low tax rates that Americans have […]

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Where and How to Stash a Stockpile

The reasons behind stockpiling items at home are clear: savings and convenience. Only problem is, finding where in the world to stash it all and how exactly to go about doing it. Chances are if you could really benefit from the savings that stockpiling can offer, than storage space is likely an issue. It has […]

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Online Finance Courses at Capitalist Curriculum

The Capitalist Curriculum gives online personal finance courses that are among the most Comprehensive on the web. They start from the very foundations of basic economics, explaining important concepts such as the Time Value of Money and Return on Investment in an easy to understand way. These concepts are then applied to debt, mortgages, and […]

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Saving for College? Consider the Coverdell

The name “529” has become synonymous with college saving since the account was created back in 2001. It’s become so synonymous that many people will likely assume that the 529 is the only account out there geared specifically towards saving for college. Not only is it not the only college savings account out there it […]

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Why I Still Bank with Bank of America

When we moved from New Jersey to Virginia last September, we had to make a lot of changes after settling down in the new place. Among the first things I did was updating our new address with banks, credit card issuers, and mutual fund companies. This didn’t take too much time because all can be […]

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Create Your Own Financial Safety Net

Economic times are tough for everyone. From soaring prices and unemployment, it seems the only thing you can really expect is the unexpected. It makes good sense to create a financial safety net for yourself that you can depend on when tough times come your way. If you’re sitting back in your seat thinking I’m […]

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Indulge Your Resolutions without Breaking the Bank

This weekend you and hundreds of millions of others made a list of New Year’s resolutions. On this list you vowed to eat better, exercise more, and spend less money. Ironically, the first thing that many people do after resolving to spend less money is … go out and spend a bunch of money to […]

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Resolving to Save Money

Ah, a new year, and another chance to set new goals including those of the financial sort. I have spent the final few months of 2009 crafting and creating a financial program for 2010, and now I’m excited to share it with you. This 12-step financial program does not promise overnight success, but it will […]

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