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Now Accepting New ING Direct Referral Links

It has been more than one and a half years since I last solicited ING Direct referral links from readers. For the past 18 months, I have posted 1,034 referral links for both ING Direct Orange Savings Account and Electric Orange Checking Account (I wanted it go faster, but that’s not something I can control […]

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New Credit Card Legislation Goes into Effect in February 2010

Among many money related changes happening in 2010, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 is one of those that will have a big impact on our everyday life financially. Though the law itself won’t be in effect in July this year, some provisions will knick in as early as next […]

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Getting Ready to Create Your 2010 Budget

If you are like me then you have thought long and hard about your 2010 budget … but you haven’t actually committed it to paper yet. Maybe you are one of the lucky few whose financial situation is left unchanged by 2009 and you can continue using your 2009 budget into 2010. But chances are, […]

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Why the 2010s Will Be Better Than the 2000s

Financially, the decade of the 2000s was one that most people would probably like to forget. We kicked off the decade with the bursting of the tech bubble and the events of 9/11. Along the way, we witnessed the housing market collapse and wrapped up the decade with the worst United States economic recession since […]

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Wrap Up the Savings with After-Holiday Sales

Just when you’re probably ready to pack away the holiday stuff until next year, you begin to see it all on sale at stores everywhere. Resist the urge to look away and instead dive in for great savings opportunity for both next year’s holiday season as well as throughout the year. Here’s a brief list […]

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Chase Freedom Card 3% Cash Back Promotion

Are you using Chase Freedom Card? If you are, then you can earn 3% cash back for a limited time, but you have to enroll in the promotional program first. From January to March 2010, Chase Freedom Card will offer cardholders 3% cash back when charging the card on Dining, Education, Childcare and Utilities, in […]

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Freeze Up the Savings

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, gift shopping and, fortunately, lots of savings. If you’ve ever wished you could push a “pause” button on some of the sales, especially the food sales, in order to take advantage of them later on in the year, you’re not alone. Admittedly, it’s great to be able to purchase […]

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Payday Lenders are Disastrous to Your Finances

In this age of 24 hour news, TMZ and Twitter, there’s not much that surprises me any more. It seems more and more like the ridiculous is becoming the norm. Yet, every once in a while I read something that manages to catch me off guard. I came across one such nugget this past week. […]

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