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Guest Post at Quicken Blog on Budgeting

This isn’t a topic I talked a lot here. In fact, I probably have never written about it, but last week I did write a guest post for Quicken Blog on budgeting. The post, though a short one, covers what one needs to consider before setting up a buget and how to actually create one. […]

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My Old Credit Cards

Whenever you receive a replacement credit card, the issuer always asks you to destroy the old card, like cut it in half, so the old card can no longer be used. Do you always follow what you are told to do? I don’t know about you, but I never destroyed a single card and never […]

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UPromise Card Improves Rewards Program and Offer $25 Bonus

Early last week, I received my brand new UPromise Credit Card from Bank of America. The look, however, isn’t the only change that was made after UPromise switched the card’s association from Citibank to BofA. The rewards program itself also got an upgrade. I have been a UPromise credit card member since 2002, using it […]

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New Car Buyer Tax Break for 2009

IRS today announced a special tax break for new car purchases (the tax break was actually approved by the congress as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009). If you are planning to buy a new car, then you may get a break on state and local sales taxes and deduct taxes […]

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What You Need to Know about Early Withdrawal from Retirement Accounts

If you are saving for your retirement using vehicles such as IRA and/or 401(k), there are limitations on when investments can be withdrawn from these accounts. Since these are tax deferred accounts, either contributions (401(k) and Traditional IRA) or growth (Roth IRA), or both (401(k) and Traditional IRA) will be taxed at the time when […]

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PIN vs. Signature Based Debit Transactions

Last week, when I was writing the article on reward checking accounts, I noticed that some banks not only require a number of debit card transactions in a month in order to get the higher yield, but also explicitly say qualifying transactions must be PIN (personal identification number) based, while others insist only signature based […]

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Reward Checking Accounts

I wrote quite often about banking deals here, mostly high-yield savings accounts (well there probably isn’ t any real “high-yield” account any more if you look at what savings accounts are offering now) but occasionally checking accounts, because I am always on the look out for better places to park our cash. And when I […]

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Can You Get a Better Rate at MoneyAisle?

Money Aisle is an online marketplace where banks compete to each other to offer better rates for high-yield savings account or CDs. I have heard about MoneyAisle a while back, but never got a chance to check it out until recently, partly because back then I was very happy with Dollar Savings Direct’s 4.0% APY. […]

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