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Difference Between a Debit Card and a Credit Card

For those who have followed this site long enough, you know I am a credit card person. Though I have a Bank of America Check Card in my pocket all the time, I only use it to withdraw cash. But I am not paying my purchases with cash, nor with a debit card. I use […]

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Venture Bank Introduces Wise-Choice Checking Account with 3.50% APY

Venture Bank keeps impressing me with their products. Last month, I highlighted their Wise-Choice Savings Account (currently 3.60% APY) along with a couple of other banks. When I was creating my Savings Deals page last week, I noticed on their website that they have a checking account coming soon. Today I visited their site again […]

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Highlights of New Credit Card Rules

Today is the day when federal agencies, including the Federal Reserve, the Office of Thrift Supervision and the National Credit Union Administration, vote on credit card reforms that ban some credit card companies’ aggressive practices. Among the agencies, the  Office of Thrift Supervision was the first to approve the final rules that prohibit savings associations […]

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Rate Update: ING Direct Holds Savings Rate Steady, EverBank Maintains 4.00% Till Year End

It seems that every time the Fed cut interest rate, ING Direct was the first one among banks I have/had a relationship with to respond, usually within a day or two. This time is no exception. ING Direct informed me tonight the new, lowered tiered rates for their Electric Orange Checking Account while holding the […]

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Consumer Price Index Fell at Record Pace in November – Chart of the Day

Stock prices are falling, house prices are falling, gas prices are falling. And when gas prices lost more than 60% in 5 months, we know we are going to get  a break on inflation. After all, the economy is in a recession and demands on everything are down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released this […]

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Checking out Kiplinger’s 2008 Best Financial Service Picks

Early last month, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine published its annual best list. Among services and products recognized by the magazine, there are a few I am interested in having another look: Online Savings Account: FNBO Direct Checking Account: Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Money-Market Account: Flagstar Bank Express Money Market I don’t know for […]

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Tips To Boost Your Credit Score and Stay On the Top

Credit score is a three–digit number generated on the basis of your credit report. Most of the lenders judge the financial stability of a person through their credit scores. A FICO credit score ranging within 720 to 800 is considered to be a good credit score. A high credit score will help you to avail […]

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New Credit Card Rules Coming Soon, to the Benefit of Cardholders

I read this Reuters article tonight about new credit card rules that may soon be effective. There aren’t many details, but from what I read, it could be a good news to consumers. According to the article, the Federal Reserve, along with other two federal agencies, will vote next Thursday on new credit card regulations […]

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