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Update on DollarSavingsDirect Account

It has been two weeks since I opened an account at DollarSavingsDirect. Since the account has been verified and it’s up and running. Here are a few updates on the account. Trail Deposits I opened the account on Sunday, November 9th. During the application process, I was told that the two small trail deposits will […]

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Citi Closed My Dividend Platinum Select Card

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from Citi, informing me that my Dividend Platinum Select card will be closed soon due to inactivity after a routine account review. It’s true that I haven’t used that card for a long time. In fact, I didn’t even active that card since they decided to […]

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The Growing List of Failed Banks

I am not really worried about Citi right now, despite that investors who question the bank’s ability to sustain mounting losses from toxic loans and bad investments have pushed Citi stock to below $4 a share on Friday, the lowest in 16 years (hope you didn’t buy Citi stock). Citi has raised some $70 billion […]

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iShares 529 Plan Review: Save for College with ETFs

I have heard some time ago that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will be available in 401(k) retirement accounts. Not sure whether plan participants can trade ETFs in their accounts already, but in general I think it’s a good news not only because it will gives investors more choices to save for their retirement, but also ETFs […]

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IGoChecking Has The Best Interest Checking Account Rate

I am IGoBanking Savings Account customer. Though the bank is no longer my everyday bank as it used to be, I still access my account there quite often. Somehow I still missed their big rate increase of the IGoChecking Checking Account that I mentioned before (I use only their Savings account, not Checking account). If […]

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NCUA Insurance Is As Good As FDIC Insurance

I have never used a credit union before, therefore, I never paid any attention to how money is insured in a credit union. I just assume that there some some kind of measures to protect credit union customers again losses if a CU fails, like the way my deposits at banks are protected by the […]

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Recent Bank Findings: OnBank, ShoreBank Direct and Venture Bank

I have added a few more banks to the interest rates table the other day when I updated the list. There are three of them that I think worth mentioning because they all offer very attractive rates: 3.50% APY or more with very low minimum deposit requirement. None of them is big, well-known name. I […]

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WTDirect Lowered Savings Account Rate to 3.06% APY

Just received a note from WTDirect regarding their rate change. The bank has lowered its WTDirect Savings Account rate to 3.06% APY from the previous rate of 3.31%. Actually, I though 3.31% APY was a pretty decent rate, with the only drawback that it requires $10,000 minimum deposit which is pretty high (FYI, Capital One […]

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