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A 250,000,000 Dollar Bill

I was browsing Wikipedia today and noticed an article Zimbabwean dollar. Then there’s an image of a $250,000,000 Zimbabwe bearer cheque. Right, that’s $250 million dollars! With monthly inflation rate at 1,063,572.6% in May, no wonder they need a huge bill.

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HSBC Direct 3.50% APY Promotion Extended

HSBC Direct is extending its 3.50% APY promotion by one more month. Are you in? In early June, HSBC Direct rolled out a promotion for its online savings account with 3.50% APY. While the rate was decent, it’s only good till August 15, that’s less than one and a half months. I don’t really know […]

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Need a Budget? Google Can Help

I don’t budget. Not that it’s bad or useless or anything, but because I don’t think it’s necessary for me. If the purpose of budgeting is to have spending under control and live below my means, then I am there already. Sure budgeting can help, but I don’t know how much improvement I can get […]

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Chase Freedom Card Switches to Rewards Points

I have been using Chase Freedom Card for a while and like it quite a lot because its 3% cashback rewards program. Though I don’t use the card for every purchase, I do charge the card at gas stations and grocery stores to make sure that they are in the top three categories so I […]

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Add Wind to Your Portfolio with PowerShares Global Wind Energy ETF

So what are alternative energies? According to Wikipedia, alternative energy sources include biomass, geothermal, solar energy, wind energy, and wave power. In late April, Glaymore Securities launched a Solar Energy exchange-traded fund, TAN, which lets investors in solar energy providers as well as solar energy related equipment and material suppliers. Early this month, PowerShares introduced […]

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Banks Taken Over by FDIC in 2008

IndyMac Bank, the California-based bank specializing in mortgage lending, became the latest, yet largest so far, bank to fail in 2008 after the bank’s customers withdrew more than $1.3 billion since June amid crisis in the financial and housing market. Last Friday, July 11, 2008, IndyMac Bank was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance […]

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MyGallons: Save Money on Gas?

I recently came across a website called when browsing the Finance Forum at What got my attention is what this site promises to help its members save money on gas: Save money by pre-purchasing gas at today‚Äôs prices, then fill up with your MyGallons Card when prices rise. No matter how high prices […]

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EverBank Offers Better Rates: 4.76% Bonus Rate

I am always on the lookout for better banking deals. Recently I opened my fifth online savings account with Capital One after considering the move for a long time. At the time when I opened the account, the interest rate was at 3.75% APY which was pretty good given how much bank interest rates have […]

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