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Revolution Money Exchange Launches RevolutionCard

A few months ago, RevolutionMoneyExchange, a challenger to Paypal, generated some buzz when they offered a $25 signup bonus for every new account. I signed up an account and used it to make some transfers. From my limited experience, the service is quite nice and easy to use. The best part is that there’s no […]

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E*Trade Complete Savings Account now 3.30% APY

For the second time in less than two months, E*Trade Financial decided to make its Complete Savings Account competitive by increasing its interest rate from 3.15% APY to 3.30% APY, starting July 2, 2008 (current rate 3.01% APY as of 12/28/2008). It made a similar rate adjustment in early May. With the Complete Savings Account, […]

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Discover More Card $100 Bonus Offer

Found this Discover More Card deal on the Clipper Magazine in my mailbox. Details of the offer are: $100 Cashback bonus when you make $500 in purchase; 0% APR on balance transfer until June 2009; 5% Cashback bonus; 3% balance transfer fee. I have discussed this card in my best cash back credit card post. […]

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Early Termination Fees Slashed at T-Mobile

Early this month when I called T-Mobile to complain the 15 cents they charged me for sending me a text reminder, I also asked their early termination policy and was told that if I want to get out my contract before it expires, I will have to pay a $200 early termination fee, regardless how […]

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So This is What Happened to Our Stimulus Payment

When we received our economic stimulus payment of $201.10 last Friday, we didn’t know what went wrong because the note from IRS said we should get $383.95, and I was actually expecting another check. Now, a week later, I guess I can forget about another check and the reason for the reduced payment is my […]

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WT Direct Increases Interest Rate to 3.26% APY

WT Direct became the latest online bank to increase the interest rate of its online savings, following similar move early from E-Trade, HSBC Direct, and FNBO Direct. The increase is 0.10%, from 3.16% to 3.26% APY with a minimum requirement of $1o,000. After 60 days if the minimum balance is below $10,000, then the interest […]

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Got Our Economic Stimulus Payment, but

There are apparently some discrepancies among what we think we should get, what we were told we will get, and what we actually got! Last Friday, when I checked our checking account balance, I noticed a payment of $201.10 from the Treasury Department as tax refund. This can’t be the regular tax refund because we […]

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Economic Stimulus Payment Directly Deposited into IRA Accounts?

Then, are you going to use it? I didn’t know until yesterday after reading an article on MarketWatch that IRS can actually deposit the economic stimulus payment directly into tax-sheltered accounts such as IRA and Roth IRA (well, we are still waiting for the check to come, which is supposed to be later this month). […]

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