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You Don’t Have to Know Everything to Have an IRA Account

My answer is: No, nobody needs to be an expert in order to open and invest in an IRA account. The biggest obstacle from I can see is not whether you know investing or not, but whether you are determined to save for your own retirement. If you make tons of money, you probably don’t […]

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FNBO Direct Followed Suit, Up Interest Rate

After having been cut rates continuously since last September when the Federal Reserve began the current rate reduction campaign, some banks seem to start to reverse course in order to compete for our money even when the Fed is idle. Since April, E-Trade Financial and HSBC Direct each bumped up the interest rate of their […]

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HSBC Direct Bumps Up Rate: 3.50% APY

I almost forgot I still have a HSBC Direct account until I received an email notice this Monday from HSBC regarding the change of their HSBC Direct Online Savings Account rate. The new rate, effective June 2, is 3.50% APY with no minimum balance requirement (well, technically you do have to have at least $1 […]

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T-Mobile Insists on Charging me 15 Cents for Going Paperless

and I told them screw it. As I mentioned when I switched to electronic trade notification and statement with Zecco early last month, I want to get rid of all the paper statements before I have no use of them. Since most services I am using, whether it’s a bank, a broker, or a credit […]

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New Rule Opens Door for Online Real Estate Brokers

and home buyers could save hundreds or thousands of dollars on commissions as online real estate brokers can compete with their local counterparts more effectively. The Justice Department yesterday announced that it has reached a tentative settlement with the National Association of Realtors on an antitrust lawsuit that accused NAR of discrimination against online real […]

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Save Money on Gas by Changing Driving Habit?

I have two gas station receipts in my hands: one from last Monday and one yesterday. They are both from the same gas station where I always fill up my car on my way to work every week. On these two receipts, in addition to the ever-increasing gas price, which has gone up from $3.659 […]

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Capital One Online Savings Account Opened

I have been considering getting a new online savings account with a better rate for quite a while. The banks I am using right now (IGoBanking and FNBO Direct) are OK, but their rates are not as competitive as they used to be. After looking around and evaluating potential candidates such as Countrywide Bank, Provident […]

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Well, Credit Card Companies are the Same

Not just that they all want your money, but the way they treat you as a customer. Last year, I had a nightmare with American Express over the fraudulent charges on my Costco TrueEarnings card. Though eventually, the issue seems to be resolved, I had to keep calling and calling them every month for more […]

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