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Looking for High-Yield Savings Account? Provident Direct Could be an Answer

Not long ago, you can easily find an online bank that pay above 5% APY for your money. For example, from my last rate update at the end of 2007 (I didn’t update the list since them because banks kept lowering their rates even , you could get a 5.12% APY from UFB Direct or […]

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401(k) Loan/Debit Card: A Bad Idea in General. But What if as Last Resort?

Everybody agrees in general that a 401(k) loan or a 401(k) debit card is a bad, bad idea. For those of us who don’t have a guaranteed pension plan and can’t rely on social security, 401(K), as well as other individual retirement savings accounts, is one major tool to save for retirement when our pre-retirement […]

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RevolutionMoneyExchange Review

When I wrote about the RevolutionCard back in last September, I didn’t pay much attention to the other product, RevolutionMoneyExchange, from the same company. The reason for me not feel excited by the new product was 1) I didn’t use a lot person-to-person fund transfer and 2) I already have a Paypal account which is […]

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Yes! Car Loan Paid off by FREE Money from Credit Card!!

Early last week, I contacted Citibank to request a balance transfer check from the 0% balance transfer offer from the Citi Driver’s Edge card. I want to use the free money (yes, free. 0% APR and $0 fee) to payoff our car loan which is at 4.90% APR and will expire in May 2010. The […]

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Set up First 401(k) Account

I know, setting up a 401(k) account should be one of the first things to do after changing employer, but I waited for more than half a year to finally get it done When I started my current job last July, I didn’t have the chance of making contributions to the retirement plan as the […]

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Yes, I Can Sue My 401(k) Administrator

According to a NY Times article (registration required) yesterday, the US Supreme Court has ruled on February 20th that workplace retirement plan participants can sue the plan administrator to recover their losses under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. The case, LaRue vs. DeWolff 06-856, is filed by James LaRue of Southlake, Texas, […]

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Twist & Turn with Citi Driver’s Edge Card

Before I applied for a Citi Driver’s Edge card back in December, I thought I could take advantage of the no-fee 0% balance transfer offer for 12 months and use the money to payoff our car loan which has an interest rate of 4.90%. Since I have been a Citi customer for almost ten years […]

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New Fund from Dodge & Cox and the End of Hi-Def DVD War

Dodge & Cox, the respected mutual fund company based in San Francisco, CA, is about to launch its fifth fund in its nearly 80 years of history. According to a story on, Dodge & Cox has submitted paper to SEC for approval of a Global Stock Fund, which will be available for investors in […]

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