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Credit Karma Free Credit Score Monitoring Service, Dividend Reinvestment at TradeKing, and Delivery of My Silver Coins

Nowadays, you can get a lot of stuff for free, news, music, movie, as long as you read/listen to/watch the ads that come together with the free stuff. You can even monitor your credit score for free, says, a newly launched credit monitoring service that promise free access to their own version of credit […]

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Random News: Tax Rebate Check, $900 Gold, and Falling Interest Rates

Politicians in Washington acted pretty quickly this time to hammer out a stimulus package with tax rebates, for both individuals and businesses, as the center piece. According to the tentative deal announced today: Most individuals who pay income taxes would get $600; working couples would receive $1,200. Workers who make at least $3,000 but don’t […]

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12 Money Mistakes That Could Cost You $1,000,000

In the February issue of Consumer Reports, the magazine has a cover story which lists 12 costly common money mistakes people usually make. Before I bring up the list, may I ask what mistake you think could be the most expensive one in the long term? Not save/invest enough for retirement? Carrying too much credit […]

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Free iPod Shuffle with an Approved Discover Card Application and a Purchase

Don’t have an iPod yet? You can get one for free if you apply and get approved for a Discover More Card and use the card to make a purchase. is now offering a free iPod Shuffle upon approval and activation of a Discover Card. From the offer website, the whole process takes three […]

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Latest Online Bank Savings & Checking Account Rates

After the latest rate cut by the Federal Reserve early this month, we are seeing many banks followed suit in the past by lowering the interest rates of the online savings accounts. As of today, UFB Direct offers the highest savings rate at 5.22% APY among banks I tracked. Update: Go to this post to […]

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Should We Pay off Our Car Loan?

The Federal Reserve just cut interest rate again and banks will soon, if not already, follow suit to lower their savings accounts’ rates. And according to some experts, such as PIMCO’s Bill Gross, the current rate reduction cycle is far from over, which means interest rates from banks are heading no where but south in […]

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Surprise: No Increase in Car Insurance Premium

Last February, I had a little incident on the way to work: I was pulled over for speeding out side our house. After delaying my court appearance for almost three months, I eventually went to see the judge and settled my case. The price was a fine of $220 plus two points. I got some […]

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Closing One More Credit Card

I just shrank my wallet by one more credit card as part of my effort to simply our finance Back in July 2006, I applied for a Discover Miles card for the purpose of using its 12-month 0% balance transfer. Ever since I got the card, I haven’t used it for anything else, though Discover […]

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